Your tourist guide to Sancti Spiritus

Iznaga Tower, Valle de los Ingenios Sophoco/Flickr

Iznaga Tower, Valle de los Ingenios ©Sophoco/Flickr

As one of the central provinces of Cuba, Sancti Spiritus is a great place to visit. The capital city of the province wears the same name. Trinidad is another important city located in the province. Sancti Spiritus offers dozens of great attractions to its visitors. Besides the wonderful historic cities, tourists can visit natural attractions, such as the Caguanes National Park or the Bay of Buena Vista.

Tourism is a major source of income for the region. The most important area which attracts the visitors is Trinidad and its surrounding region. If you are interested in the tourist attractions of the province, I suggest you to read the following article. It will serve as your tourist guide to Sancti Spiritus.


As the major tourist destination of the province, Trinidad is a wonderful city which was inscribed (together with the nearby Valley of the Sugar Mills) on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Some say that Trinidad is a museum itself. It is true. The city involves the past. There are also numerous museums in Trinidad. If you love colonial architecture willing to find out more about Trinidad’s and Cuba’s history, you can not miss to visit the city. This 500-year old fascinating city is very lovely, with its pastel colored houses and tiny streets attract a large number of visitors every year. The major attractions of the city are its museums, the Plaza Mayo and the Playa Ancon (Beach).

Trinidad Nouhailler/Flickr

Trinidad ©Nouhailler/Flickr

The Valle de los Ingenios

The nearby Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) is a spectacular and extremely popular tourist destination. With its several remains of sugar mills, the sugar plantations, the Manaca Iznaga estate and the level of natural conservation, the valley is well-known among tourists. It is not surprising that it was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. If you want to make a great experience, I suggest you not to miss it!

Iznaga Tower, Valle de los Ingenios Sophoco/Flickr

Iznaga Tower, Valle de los Ingenios ©Sophoco/Flickr

The Caguanes National Park

Founded around the Caguanes Peninsula, the national park is a fantastic jewel of the province. Covering an area of over 200 km², the park includes 10 smaller cays. There are numerous caves in the park. The flora is dominated by mangrove forests. As for the animals, the most characteristic ones are pelicans, flamingos, the mariposa bats in the caves and other species, especially birds.

Bay of Buena Vista

The other natural jewel of the province is the Bay of Buena Vista. Situated in the northern part of the province, the bay includes many cays. The landscape is very attractive and the Caguanes National Park is situated closely to the bay. The northern limits of the bay include some beautiful islands such as Cayo Santa Maria or Cayo Fragoso.

The tiny resort of La Boca

If you prefer peaceful atmosphere and smaller villages, La Boca is the perfect destination for you. It is located only 5 km of Trinidad, but it is extremely attractive. There are numerous places to stay at, including casas particulares. The beach is magnificent and there are a couple of restaurants and bars at La Boca. The landscape is fascinating, it is a true paradise dedicated to tourists.

La Boca beach samurai_dave/Flickr

La Boca beach ©samurai_dave/Flickr

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