Your guide to the province of Holguin

Swimming with dolphins at Guardalavaca jennicatpink/Flickr

Swimming with dolphins at Guardalavaca ©jennicatpink/Flickr

Holguin Province is situated in the eastern end of Cuba. The area is well-known for its historical importance, being considered the place where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492. Among the highlights of the region are the resort of Guardalavaca, the provincial capital which wears the same name and other historical attractions. Visiting Holguin is a great choice and will surely make you an unforgettable experience. Lye on its gorgeous beaches, visit its towns or discover its historical sights. Whatever you would choose, you will surely return home very satisfied. If you want to know more about the points of interest, read the following guide to the province of Holguin.


Guardalavaca is one of the most popular seaside resorts of Cuba. It attracts dozens of tourists yearly with its gorgeous beaches and entertainment facilities, being actually the second biggest tourist resort of the country.
Besides the pristine white sandy beaches, the resort is famous for its wonderful coral reef, so if you love to dive, Guardalavaca is the place to go. It is also one of the places in Cuba where the visitors have the possibility to swim with dolphins, at the Bahia de Naranjo Natural Park.

Swimming with dolphins at Guardalavaca jennicatpink/Flickr

Swimming with dolphins at Guardalavaca ©jennicatpink/Flickr

Holguin city

The provincial capital, the city of Holguin is also a popular tourist destination. Among the attractions of the city are its churches like the San Juan Church, its several parks and historical monuments. It is a pleasant colonial city, being situated quite closely to the beaches.

Holguin dizid/Flickr

Holguin ©dizid/Flickr


Another community which can be very attractive for tourists is the town of Mayari. It is one of the province’s oldest settlements. The town’s centre is characterized by colonial features and its surroundings are very attractive.

One of the attractions in the vicinity is the cave named Farallones de Seboruco. The Jardin de Pinare National Park is another fantastic natural attraction of the area. The country’s highest waterfall, the beautiful Salto de Guayabo can be found here.


The fantastic seaside city of Gibara is another tourist destination of Holguin. It has a picturesque setting and it is nicknamed “the white city” due to its distinguish architectural features. Some attractions of the town are the Museo de Historia Natural and the Museo de Artes Decorativas, found in the same building.

View over Gibara Richard Weil/Flickr

View over Gibara ©Richard Weil/Flickr

Cayo de Bariay

The peninsula of Cayo de Bariay is a great destination to visit. Many consider that this is the place where Christopher Columbus landed. He described it as a true paradise. The beach here is named Playa Cayo Bariay. It is easily accessible by boat or by road from Guardalavaca.

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