Your guide to La Habana del Este

La Habana del Este ilkerender/Flickr

La Habana del Este ©ilkerender/Flickr

As one of Havana’s fifteen boroughs, La Habana del Este is a wonderful place to visit. It is famous for its gorgeous beaches. As the name of the borough suggests it, La Habana del Este is situated in the eastern side of the Cuban capital city. It includes the towns of Alamar, Camilo Cienfuegos and the beach towns of Boca Ciega, Guanabo, Santa María del Mar and Tarará.
If you would like to visit the magnificent city of Havana, willing to lie on some fantastic beaches, I suggest you to visit La Habana del Este. Below I will present you the best beaches, trying to help you make a good decision. If you want to find out more about them, read the following article which will serve as your guide to La Habana del Este.

Santa María del Mar

Santa María del Mar is a fantastic sandy beach of La Habana del Este. The resort is situated about 12 miles east of the capital city. To get to Santa María del Mar you have to go along the Via Blanca highway from the city. The beach makes part of a section of a beach chain called the Playas del Este (Eastern Beaches). This segment extends for about 15 miles along the province’s north coast, in the borough of Habana del Este. If you love to lie on sunny beaches, you can’t go wrong with Santa María del Mar.

Santa María del Mar Beach neiljs/Flickr

Santa María del Mar Beach ©neiljs/Flickr


As I already mentioned it, Guanabo is one of the beach towns located within the borough (municipality) of La Habana del Este. It can be found exact halfway between the city centre of Havana and Santa Cruz del Norte. It was named after the river at which mouth is situated – the Guanabo River. Guanabo is very popular among tourists. This amazing seaside resort has some fine hotels and villas to offer its visitors. The beaches are gorgeous, with soft sand and warm waters. During the late 1990s Guanabo was well-known as a sexual tourism destination, but it has been cracked down since then.

La Habana del Este beach XuRxO/Flickr

La Habana del Este beach ©XuRxO/Flickr


Perhaps the most beautiful and most popular of all is the astonishing resort town of Tarará. Situated about 12 miles east of Havana’s centre, the resort can be found in the western part of the previously mentioned two resorts. Tarará beach is considered by many one of Cuba’s most beautiful beaches. It is really a gorgeous resort, attracting numerous tourists yearly. Its boardwalk is also very popular for those who are looking for a weekend destination nearby Havana. I suggest you not to miss it!

La Habana del Este ilkerender/Flickr

La Habana del Este ©ilkerender/Flickr

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