Visitor’s guide to the wonders of Cayo las lguanas

Coastal line, Cayo las Iguanas

Coastal line, Cayo las Iguanas, photo by Leonisa81/flickr

The magnificent Cayo las Iguanas is located about 20 miles off the Trinidad shore, in south Cuba and is one of the most breathtaking destinations of the country. This gorgeous island was named after its “habitants”, the Cuban iguanas. The island is located near Cayo Largo, an almost virgin island, perfect for nature-lovers and those who are looking for a quiet place and peaceful beaches. The great diversity of the marine life and the natural beauty of Cayo las Iguanas attracts dozens of tourists who, once arriving here, will have the occasion to visit a small piece of tropical paradise and admire the fantastic iguanas living on the island. The island can be visited with yachts leaving every day from Trinidad to Cayo las Iguanas.



Cayo las Iguanas is also named the Island of the Iguanas, aptly named after the rare endemic Cuban rock iguana. This unique lizard can be found on the mainland of Cuba, on some small islands and the Cayman Islands. These iguanas are herbivorous animals with spiked jowls and are one of the biggest lizards in the Caribbean. This endangered species is in decline, which is much more intense on the mainland than on the outlying islets like Cayo las Iguanas. They get leisurely on the coast, because they love natural sunlight and high temperatures. But don’t try to get too close or touch one of them, because these animals are vulnerable due to their remote island habitats. Visiting the island and making some spectacular photos of these animals can be an unforgettable experience!

Cuban rock iguanas

Cuban rock iguanas, photo by twicepix/flickr



Snorkeling at Cayo las Iguanas will give you the occasion to view the breathtaking diversity of underwater world. The crystal clear waters surrounding the archipelago are perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving. These waters host one of the biggest coral reef systems of the Caribbean Sea. You will have the occasion to discover the colorful sponges and coral species, and swim with dozens of tropical fish such as blue tangs, trumpetfish, groupers, angel fish and butterfly fish. Snorkeling is an experience that can not be missed during your holiday at Cayo las Iguanas!

Underwater life

Underwater life, photo by Daquella manera/flickr




Cayo las Iguanas has some beautiful beaches. Among some rocky coastal parts, there are some very fine and white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters perfect for swimming. You can make a walk on the coast and admire the fantastic iguanas and the gorgeous landscape or make sun-bath on one of these beaches. As for the accommodation, there isn’t any hotel on the island. You have to return to Trinidad with the yacht and find yourself a hotel in the city.


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