Visit the Guantánamo Province in Cuba

Baracoa Cathedral, photo by yve_81/Flickr

Being the country’s easternmost province, Guantánamo is a great holiday destination for anyone. Having a long coastline, it is well-known for its great beaches. Although, the beaches are not the only tourist attractions of the province. There are some fantastic towns located here, such as the famous Baracoa which is one of the most popular towns for visitors of Cuba.

The northern part of the province is dominated by rainforests, while the southern part is arid, dominated by cacti. The province is characterized by a variety of flora and fauna, spectacular black sand beaches and fantastic local products. Although, it is not a typical tourist destination which makes it a peaceful place. The province has a large number of untapped potential. Visiting this fantastic province will surely make a memorable experience!

The beautiful town of Baracoa

The fantastic colonial town of Baracoa is considered by many the most beautiful place in Cuba. Situated on a tropical headland, the town is characterized by narrow streets with amazing tiny houses. The beautiful city was founded in 1511 by a Spanish conquistador, being the oldest Spanish town of the country. It is also famous for being the first site where Christopher Columbus landed. The beaches at Baracoa are spectacular. If you are a lover of surf, this is the right choice for you! Baracoa is famous for its best waves in the whole country. The town turns into a buzzing crowd in April. During the first week of the month there are fantastic street parties each night. If you visit Cuba in April, I suggest you to choose Baracoa. As for the accommodation, besides the hotels and villas, there are many so called casas particulares where you can stay. Besides the beautiful cathedral of the town, there are many natural attractions nearby. Baracoa is undoubtedly one of the best choices for the perfect holiday in Cuba.

Baracoa Cathedral, photo by yve_81/Flickr

Spectacular beaches

With great beaches, the province can be very attractive to the lovers of sun, sand and sea. The most famous beach can be found near Baracoa. It is the beach called Playa Maguana. Located about 20 km of the beautiful town, Playa Maguana is characterized by soft and white sand and crystal clear, warm waters. In addition, there are breathtaking coral reefs in the sea which are very attractive to divers. If you are a fan of cycling, you can easily make the way by cycle from Baracoa to the beach. There are several restaurants and villas nearby the beach, so that you don’t need to get back to Baracoa to eat something or sleep somewhere. The surroundings are also very attractive, being characterized by fantastic flora.

Playa Maguana, photo by Fototoffigrafie/Flickr

The Alexander de Humboldt National Park

The spectacular World Heritage Site named “Parque Nacional Alejando de Humboldt” is one of the best attractions of the province. A part of the park lies in the province of Hulguin. Characterized by an amazing variety of flora and fauna, it is one of the most significant national parks of the country. The park is home to 16 endemic Cuban plants and a large number of species of animals, such as parrots, hummingbirds, lizards, the endangered Cuban solenodon and so on. The national park is surely a must-see of the province.

The El Yunque Mountain

Declared a National Monument of the country, the El Yunque Mountain is a favorite for hikers. If you are also a fan of hiking, visit the 575 m high mountain of the province. It is situated closely to Baracoa, it the town’s western part. The flora and fauna of the mountain are spectacular and the views over the surroundings are magnificent.

The El Yunque Mountain in the background, photo by Paul Keller/Flickr



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