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One of the most beautiful natural attractions of Cuba, the nature reserve park named Topes de Collantes can be found in the Escambray Mountains. Topes de Collantes is also the name of the nature reserve’s third highest peak. There is a small settlement and also a visitor center at the peak, all having the same name. It is a major visitor attraction which is visited by dozens of tourists every year. If you decide to visit the breathtaking Topes de Collantes, I suggest you to read the following article before traveling. It will include useful information about the nature reserve park and its highlights. I guarantee you will return satisfied from your journey.

Natural beauty

It is not surprising at all that the Topes de Collantes was designated as a nature reserve park if we think of the natural beauty of the region. There are numerous breathtaking canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, grottos, fantastic natural pools with refreshing water in this nature reserve park. All are surrounded by gorgeous mountain hills where visitors can admire Cuba’s national flower, the beautiful Mariposa. Besides, the park is home to hundreds of species of ferns, orchids, magnolias, begonias, banana trees and others. As for the fauna, Cuba’s national bird, the Tocororo and hummingbirds also live in the area. You will surely be amazed of the outstanding natural beauty.

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As I already mentioned it, the Topes de Collantes can be found in the Escambray mountain range. The tallest peak of the nature reserve park is the San Juan peak, being about 1.140 m tall. The Escambray Mountains lie on the area of three central provinces: Cienfuegos Province, Villa Clara Province and Sancti Spiritus Province. The fantastic nature reserve park attracts numerous nature-lovers. It is with no doubt a worth visiting region.

View over Topes de Collantes ©Marco Zanferrari/Flickr

Highlights of the reserve

There are numerous gorgeous attractions in the nature reserve park. Some of the major highlights of the park are the following: the Hacienda Codina, the Caburni Falls, the Paseo Ecologico and others. The Hacienda Codina is actually a ranch which includes numerous attractions, such as an orchid collection, ornamental and medicinal gardens, medicinal mud baths. Visiting the ranch is with no doubt an unforgettable experience. The Caburni Falls are the most spectacular waterfalls on the Caburni River. A fantastic hiking route leads to the falls through gorgeous coffee plantations. The waterfalls end in a serious of fantastic ponds. The Paseo Ecologico is a one-kilometer long ecology path which takes the visitors from Kurhotel to the “Los helechos” Hotel. The path is filled with spectacular plants and flowers, including the Mariposa, ferns, eucalyptus and pines.

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