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Cayo Coco beach,

The spectacular island of Cayo Coco is part of the Jardines del Rey archipelago. Cayo Coco is a very famous and beautiful island among visitors of Cuba. It was ranked by Traveler’s Choice Edition 2012 the 20th best beach of the world. This is not surprising if we think of the spectacular landscape, the soft sanded beaches and the clear, warm waters. The beaches may be a little crowded, as Cayo Coco is a popular tourist destination, but if you can handle it, you will surely have part of an unforgettable beach holiday. Relax on the beach or swim in the turquoise blue waters; you will see that this island is the perfect place to do this.


Cayo Coco is characterized by the presence of long, white and soft sandy beaches. The waters are clear and warm, just perfect for swimming. All the beaches are situated in the northern part of the island. The total length of the beaches is about 20 km. some of the magnificent beaches are the following: Playa Los Perros, Playa La Jaula, Playa La Petrolera, Playa Uva Caleta, Playa Los Flamencos, Playa Larga, Playa Las Conchas, Playa Dorada and so on. A great attraction of the island is that the beaches are separated by emerged coral reefs. You can not cross the areas between two beaches without sandals or shoes. Some of the longest beaches are the following: Playa Uva Caleta (5 km), Playa Los Flamencos, Playa La Juala (2,7 km long each), Playa Larga (2,6 km) and Playa Las Coloradas (2,5 km). Smaller but not less beautiful beaches are Playa Dorada, Playa Las Conchas, Playa Prohibida and Playa La Petrola. These are some fine and magnificent beaches. Spending your day at one of them is a great day out.

Cayo Coco beach,


As I mentioned it, there are wonderful coral reefs in the waters off shore. For those who love to snorkel or dive, this is the right place. You can also choose to make a boat trip or catamarans excursion. There are fantastic tours offered by Cuban companies or your tour operator. You can book a trip before traveling or on the island. It is recommended to buy it there because the tour operators sell the tours with a commission. These tours are great occasions to discover the spectacular islands of Jardines del Rey. If you feel yourself exhausted, your holiday to Cayo Coco is the perfect occasion to get rid of stress and relax. You can choose to lay on one of its fantastic beaches or opt for spa facilities at your hotel. All of the hotels on the island offer professional massage and many of them provide spa and wellness facilities, too. As you can see, whatever your preferences are, you can practice numerous types of activities on your holiday at Cayo Coco.

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There are dozens of hotels in Cayo Coco of which several are situated on the beaches. The Memories Caribe Beach Resort, the Hotel Playa Coco, the Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco and the Iberostar Mojito are just some of the fantastic hotels of the island. Most of the hotels offer all inclusive packages and have direct access to the beaches. Choose any of them and you will surely be satisfied by the services, the facilities and the breathtaking view over the sea from your window.

NH Krystal Laguna Hotel, Cayo Coco, photo by oknidius/Flickr



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