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The Finca Vigia Bruce Tuten/Flickr

The Finca Vigia ©Bruce Tuten/Flickr

Cuba is famous for many things…it is famous for its culture, for its gorgeous beaches and islands, for its cigar, coffee and rum, for its amazing natural sights, for its colonial cities and towns and so on. Cuba is also famous for giving home for about 20 years to one of the best-known writers of the world – Ernest Hemingway. He and his wife purchased a house in Havana in 1940. He spent the next 20 years there.

Hemingway named their home “Finca Vigia” or “lookout farm”. During his stay in Cuba he wrote “The Old Man and the Sea” which became his most famous work. Besides, he got divorced and remarried later, bringing his new wife at the Finca. Are you interested in more info about Hemingway’s life in Cuba? Read the following guide! ©

A “fixture of Havana”

As he lived for about 20 years in Havana, he became a fixture of the city. He lived in the country longer than many Americans ever did. He loved to live in Cuba, especially in Havana. Hemingway enjoyed every minute of his stay, inviting and entertaining guests at his home, the Finca. Besides, he loved to hang out in Havana. There are numerous places in Havana which became famous as being his favorite spots. Such places are the well-known El Floridita Bar and the La Bodeguita.

Today these bars are very attractive for tourists. The El Floridita for instance presents a sculpture of Hemingway, “staying” at his favorite place. I recommend you to visit one of these bars and have a daiquiri or a Mojito. You won’t regret it. Hemingway’s home is also an important tourist attraction today. With many original furnishings, personal artifacts and hunting trophies are exhibited here. The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 16:00, except Sundays – from 9:00 to 13:00. (January 2014)

At the El Floridita, with Hemingway's brother kudumomo/Flickr

At the El Floridita, with Hemingway’s brother ©kudumomo/Flickr

Fishing and hunting in Cuba

Hemingway spent a lot of time on his boat named Pilar. He fished extensively aboard his boat and he also enjoyed the island lifestyle. Hemingway also loved to hunt and to travel. As I already mentioned it, today there can be seen numerous original hunting trophies of him in the Finca.

Hemingway's boat, Pilar Bruce Tuten/Flickr

Hemingway’s boat, Pilar ©Bruce Tuten/Flickr

Working in Cuba

Hemingway worked for some time on one of his most famous works – The Old Man and the Sea. It was originally published in 1952. The sales exceeded all expectations. In addition to this success and wide acclaim, The Old Man and the Sea also brought Hemingway a Pulitzer Prize (1953) and the Nobel Prize in Literature (1954).

As you can see, Hemingway was an important figure in Cuba’s history. If you are attracted by his works, visit Cuba and explore the sights and locations he was related to.

The Finca Vigia Bruce Tuten/Flickr

The Finca Vigia ©Bruce Tuten/Flickr


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