Unique Cuba experiences

Cuban cigars alexbrn/Flickr

Cuban cigars ©alexbrn/Flickr

In case you are searching for unique travel experiences, looking for a Caribbean country to visit, the perfect destination for you is the outstanding country of Cuba. It is one of the Caribbean region’s most visited destinations which is not surprising at all if we think of the breathtaking natural jewels of Cuba, its gorgeous beaches and scenic islands, wonderful colonial towns and cultural landmarks. Besides the usual sightseeing tours, visits to the national parks, lie on the beaches, there are some special activities offered to the visitors. If you are interested in some unique Cuba experiences, I suggest you to read the following guide. Below I will present you the best ones.

Watch how the Cubans roll the cigar

Cuban cigars are worldwide famous due to their proper taste. As you probably know it, Cuba is famous for its tobacco plantations. The climate of the country is adequate for cultivating tobacco. There are several brands of cigars which are extremely popular all around the world. If you love cigars, you can buy anywhere in Cuba. Besides, a unique experience is to watch how they roll the cigars.
If you visit Havana, you will have the occasion to make the best tour in a cigar factory. It is the Partagas factory, but there are also other factories all around the country.

Cuban cigars alexbrn/Flickr

Cuban cigars ©alexbrn/Flickr

Visit the mausoleum of Che Guevara

Another fantastic experience in Cuba is to visit the mausoleum of Che Guevara. One of the major personalities of the Cuban Revolution was Che Guevara. His mausoleum can be visited in Santa Clara. It is a very popular tourist attraction. Besides the mausoleum, there is a monument dedicated to him and a museum, too.

Make a walk in the Christopher Columbus Cemetery

An unusual and absolutely unique experience is to visit a cemetery…yes, a cemetery. It might sound weird, but the Christopher Columbus Cemetery is one of Havana’s most visited sights. The attractiveness of the cemetery is given by the wonderful eclectic tombs. Walking in the cemetery might sound bizarre, but it is a special experience.

Watch the cannon fires at the El Morro Castle

The El Morro Castle in Havana is one of the most popular sights in Cuba. Visit this astonishing castle while you are in Cuba, because it will surely be a fantastic experience. You can opt for walking around the outer grounds, but there is a charge for this. Also, you can walk in the inner fort. By the evening, at 9 o’clock you can watch the cannon fires which end the usual evening show.

El Morro Castle Manu_H/Flickr

El Morro Castle ©Manu_H/Flickr

Dance along with the Cubans in the streets

Last, but not least attractive activity is to dance along with the Cubans in the streets. It is one of the best ways to understand their culture. As there is almost always live music on the streets all around Cuba, you can do it practically anywhere. Dancing with the local people to the vivid rhythms is surely an unforgettable experience.

Dancer in Cuba hoyasmeg/Flickr

Dancer in Cuba ©hoyasmeg/Flickr

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