UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Trinidad and the Valle de los Ingenios

Manaca Iznaga Tower ©Vibragiel/Flickr

Cuba is home to nine breathtaking World Heritage Sites spread all over the country. In the following article I will present you the town of Trinidad and the Valle de los Ingenios which represent a complex of World Heritage Site. Trinidad and the adjacent Valle de los Ingenios can be found in the central part of Cuba. This spectacular site is a very popular tourist destination within the country. It was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1988. Both the town of Trinidad and the beautiful valley are home to some outstanding visitor attractions and are worth visiting. If you would like to find out more about this tourist destination, read the following article.


Situated in the province of Sancti Spíritus, the town of Trinidad is a gorgeous historic town of Cuba. It was founded in 1514 and it covers an area of about 1.100 km2. The principal industry of the town is tobacco processing as the surrounding area is a major tobacco producing region. The town is considered by many a museum itself. The 500-year-old Trinidad is dominated by colonial buildings. It is also well-known for its lovely streets, fantastic squares, beautiful palaces and pastel colored houses. There are numerous fantastic museums in the town presenting the history of it. The most important is the Municipal History Museum of Trinidad. Other attractions include the cathedral and the Plaza Mayor, the central square of the town which is surrounded by spectacular buildings. Another fantastic attraction is the Ancon Beach which attracts numerous tourists each year. It presents gorgeous hotels.

Church of the Holy Trinity in Trinidad ©hoyasmeg/Flickr

The Valle de los Ingenios

The nearby Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mill) was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO together with the town of Trinidad. The valley used to be a major sugar producing area and today it is home to tens of former sugar mills of which it got its name. Many of the sugar mills are ruined today, but some remained intact. The most popular plantation is the Manaca Iznaga estate in the village of Iznaga. It includes the owner’s house, some former state quarters and the famous watchtower which is a popular visitor attraction.

Manaca Iznaga Tower ©Vibragiel/Flickr

Tourism in the region

As I already mentioned it, the complex of Trinidad and the Valle de los Ingenios is a popular tourist destination. Trinidad attracts its visitors due to the fantastic colonial architecture, the numerous museums, its squares, its cathedral and the Ancon Beach. The Valley of the Sugar Mills is attractive for those who would like to find out more about the Cuban sugar producing and for those who love nature. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site is with no doubt a memorable experience.

Valle de los Ingenios ©twicepix/Flickr


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