UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Cienfuegos

Jagua Fortress en.wikipedia.org

Jagua Fortress ©en.wikipedia.org

The urban historic centre of the amazing city of Cienfuegos was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 2005. The historic city centre is considered the most spectacular example of the 19th century urban planning of the early Spanish Enlightenment. If you would like to find out more about the architecture of Cienfuegos and its visitor attractions, I suggest you to read the following article. I will present you the history of the city and the best tourist attractions of the historic centre which was designated as a World Heritage Site. A visit to this spectacular city in Cuba will surely make you a memorable experience.


As I already mentioned it, the urban historic centre of Cienfuegos was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 2005. Cienfuegos is situated on the southern coast of Cuba, about 250 km of the capital city. The city is nicknamed the “Pearl of the South”. It is not surprising if we think about the attractiveness of Cienfuegos. The city is situated in the bay of Cienfuegos. It is a major seaport, being also a sugar, tobacco and coffee trade centre. Besides, it is very attractive for tourists, too. It is home to fantastic Neoclassical jewels which are considered the most spectacular ones in the Caribbean region.

Building in Cienfuegos en.wikipedia.org

Building in Cienfuegos ©en.wikipedia.org

The history of Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos was founded by French immigrants on the 22nd of April, 1819. They named the settlement Fernardina de Jagua. It became a town in 1829 and a city in 1880. It was named after a Cuban Captain General, Cienfuegos.

Jagua Fortress en.wikipedia.org

Jagua Fortress ©en.wikipedia.org

Visitor attractions

For those who love sightseeing, Cienfuegos is a great destination. The urban historic centre is full of outstanding architectural jewels. The city is a popular destination for tourists. The most important sights in Cienfuegos are the following: the Jagua Fortress, the Catedral de la Purisma Concepción, the Arco de Triunfo, the Provincial Museum, the Cienfuegos Delfinario, the Cienfuegos Botanical Garden, the Palacio de Valle, the Parque José Martí and so on. The Jagua Fortress can be found at the entrance to the Bay of Cienfuegos. The botanical garden includes a huge collection of tropical exotic plants, including palms, orchids and bamboos. The major architectural jewels in the city centre are the Arco de Triunfo, the Catedral de la Purisma Concepción, the Palacio de Valle and other buildings. A visit to the spectacular city of Cienfuegos is surely a memorable experience. I suggest you not to miss it if you are traveling to Cuba.

Cienfuegos Arco de Triunfo en.wikipedia.org

Cienfuegos Arco de Triunfo ©en.wikipedia.org


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