Trekking and horse riding in Cuba

Viñales Valley Kirua/ookaboo

Viñales Valley ©Kirua/ookaboo

Some tourists do not prefer sightseeing tours, choosing the fascinating nature instead of the noisy cities. If you are this type of traveler and you love nature, I give you a good tip: choose Cuba as your next holiday destination. Cuba is a fantastic country, being home to numerous breathtaking natural jewels. In some parts nature is almost untouched, giving you the feeling you left civilization and enjoy pure nature.

If you prefer outdoor activities, this country will be your favorite one. There are dozens of great activities on offer in Cuba. Trekking and horse riding in Cuba are also available in several places all around the island. If you would like to find out more about these, read the following guide.

Some facts about nature

The natural attractions of Cuba may be very convincing for nature-lovers to choose this country as their holiday destination. Unspoiled nature is present in many parts of the island. If you also prefer nature, you can not go wrong with this astonishing Caribbean country. From mountains to beaches, from lakes to natural and national parks, from waterfalls to different plantations, Cuba has it all! Some of the most beautiful mountains of Cuba are the following: the Sierra Maestra Mountains, the Escambray Mountains, the El Yunque, the Sierra del Rosario and so on. Among the best national parks in Cuba are the following: the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, the Viñales Valley National Park, the Sierra Cristal National Park, the Desembarco del Granma National Park and others. If you love trekking, walking or climbing, you will surely love this country! Horse riding is another fascinating activity which can be practiced in many parts in Cuba. Read on to find out where.

Escambray Mountains pdinnen/Flickr

Escambray Mountains ©pdinnen/Flickr

Trekking in Cuba

The Sierra Maestra Mountains, the region of Pinar del Rio, Trinidad or the wonderful Topes de Collantes are just three of the locations where visitors of Cuba can practice trekking. Pinar del Rio and Trinidad are considered among the best places for practicing trekking or hiking. Among the best sites in Pinar del Rio for practicing this activity are: Latin America’s largest system of underground caves, the breathtaking Viñales Valley, the Soroa Botanic Garden and others. The Sierra Maestra Mountains are perfect for practicing trekking. The lush vegetation and colorful birds attract many nature-lovers. Another destination is the Topes de Collantes which is famous for its extraordinary scenery. It is just perfect for practicing trekking.

Turquino National Park, Sierra Maestra

Turquino National Park, Sierra Maestra ©

Horse riding in Cuba

Do you like to ride a horse? There are several locations in Cuba which offer the opportunity to practice this great activity. Horse riding is very popular in Varadero, the Viñales Valley and Trinidad among others. This type of holiday can be planned before traveling. Varadero for example offers an hour’s ride along the scenic white sandy beach for the price of only 15 pesos. The wonderful Viñales Valley has some hotels which also offer this activity for their guests. The Los Jasmines Hotel and the La Ermita Hotel are just two of them.

Viñales Valley Kirua/ookaboo

Viñales Valley ©Kirua/ookaboo



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