Tourist guide to Granma Province

Sierra Maestra landscape Martin Cathrae/Flickr

Sierra Maestra landscape ©Martin Cathrae/Flickr

The beautiful Granma Province of Cuba is best-known for its natural jewels and for its battles. This is place where Fidel Castro succeeded to conquer the dictatorship of Batista, high in the Sierra Maestra Mountains. Besides its historical importance, the province is also home to numerous fantastic places to visit, including the provincial capital – Bayamo, the ruins of the historic Demajagua, La Plata and so on. The area is not as crowded as other tourist destinations, but it is not less attractive. These sights are absolutely worth visiting attractions of the area. I also recommend you to make a visit. Before traveling, read this tourist guide to Granma Province.

The capital city, Bayamo

The provincial capital of Granma is Bayamo. This beautiful colonial Cuban city was founded in 1513, by Spanish conquistadors, being one of the oldest Cuban cities. Unfortunately, the city was burned and seized by Cuban rebels during the 19th century, at the beginning of the War of Independence. They wanted to prevent the city from falling into the hands of colonialists.

Besides, the city has seen many battles. Therefore, today Bayamo is a national monument. There are still some original artifacts housed in the rebuilt church of San Salvador de Bayamo. If you want to tour the city and admire its buildings and landmarks, I recommend you to opt for a horse-drawn carriage tour which will take you for a great sightseeing.

Sierra Maestra landscape Martin Cathrae/Flickr

Sierra Maestra landscape ©Martin Cathrae/Flickr

The ruins of the historic Demajagua

Demajagua also played an important role in the War of Independence. This is the place where a patriot named Carlos Manuel de Céspedes rang the liberty bell in order to proclaim the independence of Cuba (1868). Demajagua is actually an old sugar mill located near the village of Manzanillo.

Biking in Granma Province Male Gringo/Flickr

Biking in Granma Province ©Male Gringo/Flickr

La Plata

In case you would like to visit the site where Fidel Castro’s guerrilla command post was located, deep in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, you can only reach it by following rough roads and paths. Well, the coastline between the sea and the mountains is a good starting point.

La Plata is characterized by wonderful black and white sandy beaches. The beaches are attractive for tourists, as there are great resorts here, not to mention the excellent dive centres and dive sites. The coastline is a great area to get some rest. So, if you prefer beach holidays instead of sightseeing tours or visiting historical monuments, this place is a great destination for you!

Sierra Maestra Martin Cathrae/Flickr

Sierra Maestra ©Martin Cathrae/Flickr




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