Top things to do in Cuba


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If you are not familiar with Cuba, but you want to learn a bit more about the country before your first visit, you are on the right trek. If you are planning a visit in the country, you do not have to worry and think about the fact, that being an island, all of the activities are strongly connected to the beaches. No, Cuba has much more to offer, because Cuba is  one of the best places in the Caribbean, where you can enjoy not just water sports and but other activities as well, such as skydiving, caving or sport fishing, hiking and climbing, there are always plenty of things to entertain you. Here are the top things to do in Cuba!


A perfect space for skydiving is in Varadero, which became home of the Varadero International Skydiving Center. There is not jet other place where one can experience the thrill of skydiving in the country.

Caving in Vinales and Baracoa

Bar at the mouth of the Cave in Vinales


If you would like to scramble through on the largest cave in Cuba, Viñales hosts different caves for you. Cuevas del Indio Cave has some fabulous artificial lights and concrete floor, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites to see while you are listening scary tales from the guides. At the end of the cave tour, there is a grass area with a nice café and numerous souvenir stalls. Gran Cavarna de Santo Tomas it turned to be the biggest cave system in Cuba, there are basic guided tours which takes ap. 2 hours journey.

El Palenque de los Cimarrones- there is a restaurant situated at the mouth of the cave and also there is a disco inside of the cave, operating from Tuesday to Saturday.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

snorkeling with green sea turtle


Do not hesitate to reveal the beautiful coral reefs and wrecks of Cuba in a clear warm water swimming along with spectacular fish species. The island provides an abundant marine life, with kayos surrounded by beautiful corals contributing to the perfect scuba and snorkeling conditions. There are more than 30 dive centers in Cuba, offering dive courses and various dive tours. The best place to go for diving and snorkeling is in Varadero, plenty of offshore dive sites are available. Wreck and cave dives are also available in the area: Best dive spots are: Maria La Gorda with plenty of dive sites to enjoy among the coral reefs. The The El Valley de Coral Negro is 100 m long black coral wall and Cienfuegos, which has an amazing coral garden and marine life. Other popular diving spots are in Cayo Levisa , its diving center provides scuba tanks, boat tours and night diving opportunities. There are scuba diving opportunities in Trinidad as well, but note you must have an accreditation of Dive Livence in order to take part in any diving.

Hiking and Climbing

At the mouth of the cave near Vinales


Hiking and climbing are other popular activities practiced in Cuba. Numerous hiking trails are waiting for you all over the country, offering some amazing sights to enjoy. Excellent hiking trails can be found in Maria la Gorda at the Etacion Ecological Guanahacabibes. By the hiking treks you will wander into the dense forests and The Pearl Cave. Hiking is also popular in Baracoa where one can try to hike up to the El Yunque waterfalls and The Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt which are highly visited among hiking and trekking lovers.

The Vinales Valley hosts world class climbing with more than150 climbing routes. That is why, it is a must see place in Cuba for any climbing enthusiasts.

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