Top free attractions of Havana

El Capitolio Nacional, Old Havana stacey.cavanagh/Flickr

El Capitolio Nacional, Old Havana ©stacey.cavanagh/Flickr

Although being a city where locals earn an average of $20 a month, tourists may found Havana a surprisingly pricey place. Offering $6 daiquiris at the famous El Floridita to even more expensive cigars, the Cuban capital city seems to be a very pricey place for visitors. Don’t lose hope! You can still visit Havana on a limited budget. Some of the city’s most famous sights can be experiences free of charge. And fortunately there are numerous such sights. Below I will present you the top free attractions of Havana, hoping to help you with some useful info. If you are also traveling on limited budget, I recommend you not to miss to read this guide.

Old Havana and its sights

No visit to the Cuban capital city is complete without visiting the historic centre of Havana named Old Havana (Habana Vieja). Walking along the majestic cobblestoned streets is like stepping back in the city’s past. The area is full of astonishing landmarks you can not miss.

These are the following: the El Capitolio Nacional, the Great Theatre of Havana,  the Cathedral of Havana, the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the El Floridita Bar, the Museum of the Revolution, the Castillo del Morro, the Malecon and so on. Old Havana is a majestic area to visit, you surely can not miss it! A great thing about Old Havana is that you can visit it for free.

El Capitolio Nacional, Old Havana stacey.cavanagh/Flickr

El Capitolio Nacional, Old Havana ©stacey.cavanagh/Flickr

The Malecon

The famous seawall of Havana runs along Old Havana. It is one of its most important sights, dragging numerous visitors. Almost every tourist who visits Havana makes a walk along the Malecon. It stretches for about 8 km. Important buildings along the Malecon include the following: the Hotel Nacional, the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the Torreón de San Lázaro and the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta.

If you would like to explore Havana, don’t miss the Malecon. It is an important sight of the city. Besides, it is a free attraction of the city.

Castillo de la Real Fuerza hoyasmeg/Flickr

Castillo de la Real Fuerza ©hoyasmeg/Flickr

Artists’ workshops

You can visit freely numerous artists’ workshops, including the Taller Experimental de Grafica, located at the end of an alley of Cathedral Square. It is housed within a former public bathhouse and it was founded in 1962. The artists in the shop are very friendly and some even speak English. They will give you an up-close demonstration of how woodcuts, etchings and lithographs get made.

The 50’s cars

Havana is famous for its numerous 50’s cars lining along the streets. Fantastic old Chevrolets, Cadillacs and Fords can be seen all over Havana. These cars are extremely attractive for tourists. If you want more than just taking a photo of the cars, you can also go for a sightseeing tour with one of the 50’s cars that are for rent.

Classic car Manu_H/Flickr

Classic car ©Manu_H/Flickr



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