Top 5 restaurants in Santiago de Cuba

photo by Richard Weil

Santiago de Cuba might not be as large as Havana, but it is just as full of culture, history and bustle like the capital. As the second largest city in Cuba, Santiago de Cuba is among the destinations that should not miss from your bucket list when visiting the country. There are dozens of attractions to see in this pleasant city, from museums to monuments and historic buildings. The environs of Santiago de Cuba allow for various holiday activities, and there is always some interesting walking trail or natural spot that is worth checking out. With all these things to do, you will get hungry very quickly in this interesting city, but luckily there are more than enough excellent dining options to choose from. Here are the top 5 restaurants in Santiago de Cuba.

El Barracon, Av Victoriano Garzón Santiago

Afro-Caribbean culture and cuisine are a very important part of Cuban life, and many restaurants and organizations are trying to keep these traditions alive. El Barracon has made it its goal to reignite interest in Afro-Caribbean cuisine, so if you are interested in these kinds of traditional dishes, El Barracon is a great interaction. The decor is very interesting, but you’ll be more fascinated by the delicious tostones with chorizo and cheese.

Restaurante El Morro, Carretera del Morro

photo by Effervescing Elephant

Vegetarians won’t find much to sate their hunger in El Morro (even Paul McCartney, the most famous guest of the restaurant, had to limit himself to an omelet on his visit), but meat eaters will be able to indulge in delicious and hearty meals. The comida criolla menu consists of several Spanish dishes, including soup, roast pork and wine. The view of the sea from the restaurant is spectacular.

Pizza Nova, Meliá Santiago de Cuba

Yearning for some familiar tastes? Then you can have your fill of amazing pizza at the Pizza Nova, whose menu does not stop at various pizza varieties. You can try the lasagna, garlic bread, ravioli and other Italian dishes, accompanied by fruit juices or a nice glass of wine.

Santiago 1900, Bartolomé Masó

Streets of Santiago de Cuba


One of the most striking features of this restaurant is the location – the former Bacardi residence, with a dining room so splendid that you’ll have a hard time concentrating on the menu at first. Most of the dishes at the restaurant are the usual Cuban restaurant fare, with a focus on chicken, pork and fish dishes, but the preparation is irreproachable. The bar of the restaurant serves delicious mojitos.

La Isabelica, Av. de las Américas

La Isabelica is a charming and romantic restaurant whose menu consists mainly of French style dishes. There are many light dishes on the menu that can be the perfect ending for a day of sightseeing, and it’s an opportunity to eat something else than heavy pork or chicken dishes. You can pamper your taste buds with fish with saffron sauce, or cured chicken breast with plums and pineapple. With dishes like this, it’s no surprise that La Isabelica is one of the top 5 restaurants in Santiago de Cuba.


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