Top 5 outdoor activities in Cuba

Rainforest hiking, photo by marissa_strniste/Flickr

For those who prefer to practice sports or different outdoor activities during their vacation, Cuba is the perfect place! The country is characterized by spectacular natural variety. There are hills, mountains and also magnificent beaches in Cuba. Tourists can practice numerous outdoor activities, ranging from climbing mountains to rafting, from fishing to scuba diving or water-skiing. There is a large variety of sports and activities suiting every preference. If you decide to visit Cuba and try some of the great outdoor activities, read on to find out which are the top 5. You will surely find attracting at least one of these. Be prepared for a fantastic holiday and a great experience!


Scuba diving and snorkeling


Probably the most popular and most practiced outdoor activities in Cuba are scuba diving and snorkeling. As the country is actually a huge island, it is surrounded by sea. There are numerous beaches and resorts on the island and also on the archipelagos which belong to the state of Cuba. You can find diving or snorkeling centres in many places. Professional divers will take you to spectacular and breathtaking underwater places. You will have the occasion to admire the magnificent coral reefs and creatures living in the waters. Colorful fishes and gorgeous shipwrecks can be found in the sea off the Cuban shores. If you visit the country, you can not miss to try one of these two superb outdoor activities.


Diving spot at Varadero, photo by Phil Guest/Flickr




There is a number of rivers in Cuba. For adventure-lovers, rafting is the perfect outdoor activity. One of the best rivers for adventurous rafting is the Río de Aguas Blancas. It is certainly an unforgettable experience. This challenging extreme sport is practiced usually on white waters, running down from mountainous areas. Rafting is very dangerous, so be sure you get on water only with experts.


Climbing, hiking and trekking


Cuba has numerous mountainous areas. There are several climbing, hiking and trekking trails for every level of experience. One of the most beautiful areas in Cuba is Sierra Maestra. Hikers will have the occasion to visit national parks, to admire virgin forests, wonderful species of birds, having a relaxing day. There are spectacular rivers, lakes and impressive waterfalls in the mountainous areas of the country. Other trekking trails can be found in the wonderful Vinales Valley where rock climbing is also available. These outdoor activities had become very popular in Cuba over the years.


Rainforest hiking, photo by marissa_strniste/Flickr




Fishing is also very popular in Cuba. Different types of fishing can be practiced, ranging from deep sea fishing to shark- and sport fishing. These are available almost everywhere on the coastline. The lovers of this sport have the occasion to hire fantastic fishing boats. There are also organized fishing trips. One of the most popular spots for fishing trips is Varadero. Taking part on a fishing trip will surely make a memorable experience. Fishermen can catch fishes of even 200 kg, sharks, tuna fishes, bonefishes and so on. If you love fishing, don’t miss this opportunity.




The luxurious sport, golf is also available in Cuba. There are two golf clubs in the country, one in Havana and the other one in Varadero. I can’t say it’s a cheap sport, but it is very popular in the whole world. Havana Golf Club is fantastic. If your wife and children get bored, tell them to go to the swimming pool, make shopping at the supermarket or have a delicious diner at the restaurant. It will surely be a great day out for all of you.


Playing golf, photo by Fevi Yu/Flickr


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