Top 5 most famous destinations of Cuba


Havana, photo by jodastephen/flickr

Cuba attracts about 2 million tourists every year, tourism being one of the main sources of the country. This is not a surprising fact if we think of the scenic archipelagos that belong to the Isla de la Juventud, the main island of Cuba, the beautiful resorts and beaches, gorgeous landscapes, its vivid culture and historical towns and buildings.

Cuba has several attractions and popular tourist destinations which include resorts, towns and islands. Below I will present you the top 5 famous attractions of Cuba. I hope that I can help you make the perfect choice for your holiday destination. Visiting at least one or two of these can turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience!

If you prefer soft sandy beaches, consider Varadero or Cayo Coco, but if you would like to visit historical towns, choose Havana or Santiago de Cuba!


Havana, also named Habana, is the capital city and a major port of Cuba. It is the largest city and the most popular one in the Caribbean region. The Almendares River flows through the city from south to north. The city of Havana attracts over one million tourists every year. The historic center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, Havana being noted for its historical and cultural heritage, its architecture and monuments.


Havana, photo by jodastephen/flickr

The attractions of the city include: the historic old town, Habana Vieja’s enchanting colonial monuments (for example forts), fantastic museums, beautifully preserved palaces, churches, the Parque Central, several restaurants, not to mention the vibrant nightlife. Let’s not forget about the cigar factories, the rum distilleries and the Plaza de la Revolución or Museo de la Revolución. There are so many things to see and to do in Havana that you will need a couple of days to spend in the city.


Being one of the most beautiful Cuban resort towns, Varadero is located on the Peninsula of Hicacos on the north coast of Matanzas province, about 140 km east of the city of Havana. Having more than 20 km of beaches of the best quality, 4- and 5 star hotels, restaurants, night clubs, golf fields, nautical sports centers, Varadero is a very popular and main tourist destination in Cuba.

The landscape is also gorgeous: there are cliffs, keys, lagoons and natural parks in or nearby the resort town. There are spectacular attractions closely to the town: Matanzas, Cárdenas, the resort town of San Miguel de los Baños. Varadero also provides opportunities for practicing watersports, like scuba diving, yachting and others.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is one of the most picturesque islands of Cuba. It is well-known for its luxurious resorts, being part of the Jardines del Rey (“King’s Gardens”) group of islands, lying on a surface of about 370 km². Cayo Coco has been ranked the 20th of the best beaches in the world, according to the Traveler’s Choice Edition 2012.

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco, photo by oknidius/flickr

This popular destination has several kilometers of white, soft sanded beaches. With crystal clear water, it is a “heaven” for the lovers of swimming, snorkeling and sun-bathing. You can also ride a horse on one of the scenic beaches of the island. Cayo Coco is an excellent choice for a relaxant vacation!


It is the capital city of the Cuban Province of Holguín, being the third largest city in Cuba after Havana and Santiago de Cuba. It is believed that Christopher Columbus landed here on the 27th of October, 1492. The beautiful city includes a tourist area, and also offers beach resorts in the outskirts of the region. Holguín is home of the famous Cuban music.


Holguin, photo by rognonton/flickr

The region is a spectacular place with lush vegetation and scenic beaches. It is also well-known for its wide variety of ecotourism excursions. The city has several fine attractions, such as galleries, city parks, museums, churches and the hill of Loma de la Cruz. There are some fine places for snorkeling here, like the areas of Playa Esmeralda and Playa Pesquero.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city of Cuba and also the capital of the province of the same name. The natural beauty of the town is represented by the main mountain range of Cuba, the Sierra Maestra and by the Caribbean Sea. The city, built in a hilly area, next to a bay connected to the Caribbean Sea. It is also an important port.

The city is picturesque and full of beautiful and important historical and cultural heritage, like interesting museums, buildings and forts of the colonial time, ruins of French coffee plantations and also some beautiful beaches. Perhaps the main attraction of the city, the San Pedro de la Roca fort was designated by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

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