Top 5 festivals in Cuba



Without any doubts a Cuban festival would be the highlight of your holiday in the country. At the time of festival  the whole city turns into a big party and usually centers around Cuban culture, its dance and music, its lifestyle and last but not least around its cuisine. There is no Cuban holiday without dancing under the stars to the rhythm of salsa and partying together with locals. Take a look at our top 5 festivals listed below and set off to experience the real Cuba.

Havana Carnival

The fancy dresses of Havana Carnival


It is known as one of the most exciting and vibrant events in Havana. Since the end of Spanish colonization it is celebrated every year in July. During the festival Cuba’s best bands are performing in different types of parade of music and dance show. Fanciful outfits, various floats and dance groups, decorated cars and stalls, fireworks, rum and fun are just some of the charming and worth seeing elements of the carnival. A special feature of the carnival is the day,which is exclusively dedicated to the children, with the performances of clowns and magician floats.

Festival del Habano

Cigar rolling in Cuba


It is known as the largest international event of Havana cigar distributors, cigar manufactures, suppliers of the cigar industry, craftsmen and collectors, smokers  and Cuban cigar lovers. It takes place in February in Havana. By participating in the festival you will be involved in the secret of the Habanos. Some of the activities to set the festival’s  mood are:  a visit the Habanos factories, seminars,  trade fair, tasting and a short visit of the tobacco plantations. So if you have a passion for the Cuban cigar try to visit Cuba at the time of the festival and you will get some memorable experience in the country.

Havana Jazz Festival

The Havana Jazz Festival it has a huge success and it is held every year in the Capital. Artists and audiences are coming from different points of the world. It could be a remarkable experience if you are a person with a passion for jazz music. It started in 1978 when some famous Cuban jazz musicians presented the first jazz concert in Havana. It is known as an internationally renowned event which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Carnival in Santiago the Cuba

Conga dance


When the Carnival period begins the whole city turns into a big party. It is the most famous carnival with brightly decorated vehicles and stalls. Due to the fact that Santiago is the second largest city after Havana, its different ethnic group and the richness of these cultures are presented by the various dance and music style, performed by locals. The strong rhythm of Conga dance is just one of the specialties that you shouldn’t miss out while you are on the island of carnivals. The drum rhythms draw people into a conga line to dance the night away.It is also a commemoration of  the patron saint of the city, Santiago. It is a week long celebration which attracts visitors from different part of the world.

Las Parradas De Remedios

Remedios is known as the oldest city in Cuba. It is very attractive for the tourists because of its Christmas festival. It takes place on the 16th to 26th of December every year. Street parades, float display and firework competition makes the festivity so charming  that is merit to see.


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