Top 5 Cuban foods

Medianoche goodiesfirst/Flickr

Medianoche ©goodiesfirst/Flickr

Cuban cuisine is like the whole Cuban culture. It is a mix that takes Caribbean ingredients to which adds Spanish and African culinary traditions. There are several dishes which would surely make you a great gastronomical experience. Perhaps the most popular is the Cuban sandwich. White rice and black beans are among the most popular ingredients. Try some specialties if you visit this majestic country. Would you like to find out which are the top 5 Cuban foods? Below I will present you them along with the ingredients. The Boliche, the Lechon asado, the Arroz con pollo, the Medianoche and the Moros y Cristianos are among the best dishes of Cuba.


Boliche is a main course in Cuba. It is a delicious food made of roast, sausages, onion and potatoes. The roast is stuffed with the sausages and than browned in olive oil. The meat is simmered than in water with onions, after which the potatoes are added. The boliche is usually served with fried plantains and white rice.

Lechon asado

Lechon asado is considered to be “the star of Cuban gastronomy”. It is actually a whole pig flavored with sour orange and garlic. The pig is roasted whole in a little bit of barbecue, being covered with banana leaves. Cubans love the roasted meat and pork. It is undoubtedly a must if you are in Cuba. Eating Lechon asado will be a great gastronomical experience.

Lechon asado goodiesfirst/Flickr

Lechon asado ©goodiesfirst/Flickr

Arroz con pollo

Arroz con pollo is a traditional Spanish and Latin American dish. It is actually rice with chicken. Some recipes include rice, chicken, beer, annatto, stock, vegetable and fresh herbs mix (sofrito). Some recipes use saffron instead of annatto. It is a very delicious meal, a not-to-miss.

Arroz con pollo Gonmi/Flickr

Arroz con pollo ©Gonmi/Flickr


A very famed type of Cuban sandwich is the Medianoche. The medianoche consists of roast pork, Swiss cheese, ham, dill pickles and mustard. This sandwich is a cousin of Cuban sandwich. It is warmed in a press before serving. You can not miss this delicious sandwich. You will surely love it if you are a sandwich-lover.

Medianoche goodiesfirst/Flickr

Medianoche ©goodiesfirst/Flickr

Moros y Cristianos

White rice and black beans are among the main ingredients in Cuban cuisine. There is a great dish in Cuba made by using these ingredients. It is called Moros y Cristianos. Black beans also appear in many other Cuban dishes, too, including the Cuban black bean soup and the tostones. The Moros y Cristianos is also known in the whole Caribbean region. It is an excellent dish for dinner.




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