Top 3 safaris in Cuba

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One of the world’s most exciting countries, Cuba is characterized by spectacular natural beauty and varied wildlife. Safaris are usual wildlife-admiring tours in Africa, but they are available on other continents, too. Cuba is an ideal country for practicing this type of activity. It may not be as exciting as the African safaris, but is surely a remarkable experience. Bird watching is perhaps the most popular activity during a safari tour in Cuba. There is a large number of endemic species of birds in the country. Hunting is also available is some places, such as the island of Saetia. There are guided safari tours in Cuba which will surely make a great holiday for you and the whole family.

Pinares de Mayari Valley

This spectacular area can be found in the northern part of Cuba. It is situated on the grounds of the Mesura National Park. The Pinares de Mayari Valley is relatively a small valley, but has a huge number of beautiful plant species. There are over 290 species of plants here of which about 60 are unique to this region. The area is also the perfect place for bird watching, as there are about 500 spectacular species of birds living here. The valley is very popular among birdwatchers. They come here from all around the world to admire the endemic and beautiful Cuban birds. There are organized horse back ridings through the area during which visitors have the occasion to admire the wonderful wildlife of the valley. This “safari” is surely a remarkable experience for nature-lovers.

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The island of Saetia

Saetia is a wonderful island located in the western part of Cuba, closely to the town of Santiago de Cuba. It is characterized by unusual natural beauty. The wildlife is spectacular and unique to entire Cuba. Different species of African animals were brought to the island for experimental purpose. These animals include among others zebras and antelopes. Getting on this island is just like making a safari excursion to Africa. There are several hotels on Saetia and organized, guided safari tours are available. For those who like to hunt, it is also the right place. The vegetation is characterized by spectacular abundance and the scenery is similar to deserts. It is a unique experience, similar to an African safari tour.

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The Great Stone National Park

It is a national park which covers a huge surface of about 4.000 hectares. The Great Stone National Park is home to some amazing and unique rock formations. It is situated on the mountain range of Santiago de Cuba and its microclimate is refreshingly cool. They organize horse back ridings and there are also guided walks on the marked footpaths. You will have the occasion to admire the spectacular wildlife of the park and also its impressive dinosaur exhibition. Choosing this “safari” will make you an unforgettable holiday.

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