Top 3 fascinating beaches in Cuba

Cuban beach


So you already got your tourist card to travel to Cuba, but you are still wondering which beach to explore? Each and every beach has its own charm and attraction which is worth to seeing.  As we know Cuba is a paradise of beaches so if you are still hesitating, take a look at our top 3 listed beaches below which hopefully would help you get the most out of your holiday. So plan your holiday by choosing the right destination with the perfect spot and enjoy the beauty of this country which attracts tourists from all over the world.


Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach


Varadero Beach  is one of the most visited beaches  situated on the Northern coast of Cuba. It is  a 20 km long peninsula with easy access from the International Varadero Airport. Beach life, water sports, volleyball, golf are just some of the activities offered by the beach. You can find an ecological reserve at the edge of the beach, and together with the dolphinarium offers some relaxing hours with great fun. If you would like to meet with local people Varadando Beach is a great choice. The town of Varadand also  has its attractions so if you get bored lying all day on the sandy beach you can set off to explore the city which has some nice  bars, restaurants, night clubs and parks. There are several markets in the town as well, where you can spend hours by browsing among the wooden crafts and different types of jewelries. So there are plenty of things to do. Other advantage of the beach is that it  is close to locations like Havana and Matanzas and Trinidad city. Varadendo beach offers a huge variety of hotels. So you do not have to worry if you spend your holiday from a short budget. You can find five star hotels and two star hotels as well.

Cuba Cayo Largo beaches

Caya Largo Beach


Cuba Cayo Largo Beaches are the most stunning beaches in Cuba. It would be the best choice if you are looking for some  seclusion.They are located  in the South-Western part of Cuba. It is ideal for water sports, however if you are looking for nightlife  and shopping malls, Cayo Largo is not the right choice.

Why is this beach so unique ?..not just because the quite atmosphere where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature but because of the possibilities of the naturalism.  Naturalism (nudism beaches) is allowed due to the tolerance of local people and open-mindness of the tourists. But note that naturalism is allowed strictly at some parts of the beach and NOT in the hotels. Sunbathing, going on a yacht, swimming, diving, safaris in the search of iguana are just a few ideas of activities around the beaches.  Types of hotels differ a lot which  means that you can chose from expensive and from cheap hotels as well depending on your budget.

Cayo Santa Maria beach

Sol Melia Buenavista, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

©Numinosity by Gary J Wood/flickr

Cayo Santa Maria is a luxurious and charming destination with amazing beaches. It is 13 km long situated on the Northern coast of Cuba. The closest airport is  Santa Clara International Airport. Similarly to the Cayo Largo Beach there is a clothing optional beach which is 1. 5 km long, which welcomes nudist and non nudist visitors  as well. The island is quite special with its forty-eight kilometers causeway which is connected to the main island of Cuba. The island is also known as the most luxurious beach destination in Cuba. It hosts species of amphibious, fishes, birds, mammalian and reptiles. Apart from the most luxurious beaches Cayo Santa Maria  has a diving center  and the best spa center in the country. Also you can find here 2 stars hotels/ inns  as well. So if you would like to try some magnificint boat trips, water skiing, sailing it would be a good choice  to visit Cayo Santa Maria beaches.

All of these three beaches listed below have the special characteristics and all of them are ideal for those who are looking for an opportunity to relax in the beach paradise. I’m sure you had the right decision by choosing one of the beaches  mentioned above.

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