Top 3 cycling tours in Cuba

Landscape of Pinar del Rio, photo by Paul Mannix/Flickr

Visiting a country by bicycle may not be as comfortable as making the way by car or bus, but is undoubtedly a memorable experience. For those who love to ride their bicycle, visiting Cuba will surely make the perfect holiday. As there are numerous natural and cultural attractions in the magnificent country, it is a great idea to visit the as many places as you can. Choosing a cycle tour is not only a great work out, but also a good way to save money. If you find this introduction convincing, read the following article to find out which are the top 3 cycling tours in Cuba. These may include more or less attractions and may be challenging, but are surely unforgettable.

The great tour around the country

If you have enough time to make a grand tour all around Cuba, you will surely be satisfied. First of all, it is a fantastic challenge. Secondly, there are numerous fantastic attractions and places of interest in Cuba. If you arrive at Havana, you can hire a bicycle and get started. First of all, it is worth making a tour of the spectacular capital city by bicycle and on foot. You can take a bus or a train which takes you to Matanzas. There you can admire the countryside in the Bay of Pigs, of course, by bicycle. Than, you will head towards the fantastic Cienfuegos. After a sightseeing tour go to Trinidad and admire its fantastic attractions. You can opt for transferring to Camaguey, than to Bayamo. From Bayamo cycle towards Santiago de Cuba and visit all of the attractions. The next stop may be at Holguin. From Holguin, you can follow the coastline and than return to Camaguey. The next destination may be Moron, than Santa Clara and a bigger ride back to Havana. It may be exhausting, but surely worth making it!

Havana, photo by jodastephen/Flickr


Smaller tour in Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio is one of the major tourist destinations in Cuba. As it is a protected area, it is a fantastic idea to visit it by bike. There are numerous attractions in this wonderful province, such as the fantastic World Heritage Site, the Viñales Valley with the tobacco plantations, the Sierra del Rosario or the Cordillera de Guaniguanico mountain ranges, the beautiful town of Pinar del Rio, the numerous rural settings and so on. As for the accommodation, there are numerous casas particulares where you can spend the night after an exhausting day. The natural beauty of the area and the friendly people will surely make you forget the difficulty of riding all day.

Landscape of Pinar del Rio, photo by Paul Mannix/Flickr

Challenging tour in the Sierra Maestra Mountains

For those who love mountain biking, the Sierra Maestra Mountains are the perfect choice. It may be challenging for a cycler, but mountain bikers will surely adore it. Located in the south-eastern part of Cuba, the Sierra Maestra is a popular tourist destination. The mountain range is the highest in the country with its highest peak, the Pico Turquino. Riding in the wonderful mountain will surely be a memorable experience.

Sierra Maestra, photo by Martin Cathrae/Flickr


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