Things you should know before you travel to Cuba

Che T-shirt NatalieMaynor/Flickr

Che T-shirt ©NatalieMaynor/Flickr

As it is obvious, each country has its own culture. There are things you better find out before you travel to a distant country. These things can be related to the local people, the language, the local religion, the currency, prices, weather conditions, the local history (there may be some wars you better don’t speak about in the respective country), things you should pack before traveling and so on. There are numerous things you should know before you travel to Cuba, too. This fantastic Caribbean country is a very attractive tourist destination. If you are also planning a visit to Cuba, read the following guide. You can find out some useful info relating to Cuba.

Local currency

There are actually two currencies in Cuba: the Cuban Peso and the Cuban Convertible Peso. The local people use the Peso. It is valued at 25:1 Cuban Peso : American Dollar. The Convertible Peso is actually a tourist currency. This one is valued almost at the Euro. Tourists in Cuba are not allowed to use the state issued Cuban Peso. They use the Convertible Peso. You may think that Cuba is a cheap country. Well, it’s not. You will realize this once you got there.

20 CUC LeafLanguages/Flickr

20 CUC ©LeafLanguages/Flickr

Potable water

Pay attention to potable water. If you stay at All Inclusive resorts, drink the water at the bars. This water is filtered. Never drink from the tap! If you do, be prepared for nights of diarrhea and/or vomiting.

Also pay attention to the restaurants which operate in the homes of local people. Nowadays many locals opened their houses as restaurants. Although this is a great way to experience real Cuba, this is also a “great” opportunity to get food poisoning. I don’t tell you not to experience these restaurants. I just tell you to pay attention.

Che T-shirt NatalieMaynor/Flickr

Che T-shirt ©NatalieMaynor/Flickr

Buying cigars, rum and coffee

The cigars, coffee and rum are very good and very cheap all around in Cuba. Visitors are allowed to take home two bottles of Rum, fifty cigars and a pound of coffee. Beware of buying illegal cigars! This means don’t buy cigars anywhere else from official stores. Illegal cigars might be cheaper, but they can make you sick. Besides, about 8 times out of 10 it’ll just be a trap made by police.

Cuban cigars alexbrn/Flickr

Cuban cigars ©alexbrn/Flickr

Hurricane season

It is very important to find out when the hurricane season in Cuba is. It lasts from August to early November. Due to the less number of visitors, prices are lower during this season. But fewer restaurants will be open. Besides, the services are also lower in this period.



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