The most scenic natural wonders of Cuba

Bellamar Caves, photo by paul bica/flickr

Being one of the most beautiful countries of the Caribbean region, Cuba attracts dozens of visitors every year. Many people visit Cuba to spend their vacation on one of its spectacular beaches or to visit its fantastic towns with gorgeous monuments and buildings, to get in touch with its spectacular culture and friendly local people, or to visit its natural beauties. If you find Cuba an attractive country and would like to spend your holiday here, this article can help you. Below, there will be presented the most beautiful natural wonders of Cuba. From forests to lakes, from mountains to seas, from caves to waterfalls, Cuba has it all. It is so abundant in natural attractions, that you will hardly make a decision over the visited sites.


Bellamar Caves


The caves are situated closely to Matanzas. Not far from Havana, the amazing Cuevas de Bellamar or Bellamar Caves is a cave system, which has been one of the top Cuban attractions for more than a century. It can be accessed from Varadero, Havana or the port city of Matanzas. The location is quite nice and the caves are astonishing. It is bad news that visitors are allowed to touch formations which may cause for some deterioration. Believed to have been formed some 300,000 years ago, the Bellamar Caves have some fine galleries full of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave system extends almost two miles, and supposedly, it wasn’t discovered until 1861. There are guided tours which take the visitors through a part of the caves. The Cuevas de Bellamar are open from 9:00 to 18:00 every day. (July 2012)


Bellamar Caves, photo by paul bica/flickr


El Nicho Waterfalls


El Nicho Waterfalls is located in Grupo Guamuhaya which is part of Sierra de Trinidad Mountain. It is about 1 hour and a half drive from Cienfeugos. On the way to the falls, visitors can admire some very interesting small towns, lots of farms, orchards of mangos and oranges, sugar cane and coffee plantations. At the bottom of waterfalls there is a natural pool where anyone can get a cooling bath. The flora and fauna of the region is spectacular with dozens of species of plants and the Cuban national bird. Those interested in wildlife can go birdwatching in the protected sanctuary.


El Nicho Waterfalls, photo by Mikelo/flickr


La Arboleda


Located in Matanzas, it is a lovely riverside park which offers various services and activities such as swimming, guided hikes, kayaking, horseback riding and so on. There are also a couple of spectacular restaurants here. The landscape is fantastic, as there are beautiful plants covering the whole surface of the park. It’s a great place to spend several hours chilling out. If you are a nature-lover, you surely won’t be disappointed!


Guanayara Park


The park is located nearby Trinidad. There are guided excursions from the city. The flora and fauna of the park is abundant and beautiful. Several species of unusual fruits and plants with medicinal uses, as well as birds including Tokoro and animals including tree rats live here. Guanayara Park’s highlight is the refreshingly cold waterfall pool where visitors are allowed to take a bath. During the guided tour, visitors have the opportunity of admiring the several natural values of the Guanayara River, such as the El Rocio (The Dew) Waterfall and the El Venado (The Deer) natural pond.


Ambrosio Cave


The Ambrosio Cave is the largest cave located on the Hicacos Peninsula, on the northwest coast of Cuba, approximately 140 km west of Havana. It has 5 interconnecting galleries with many vertical and horizontal entrances. There are also “swimming caves” flooded by water where visitors can snorkel. It is surely a memorable experience. The Ambrosio’s galleries present the largest collection of pictographs in the Caribbean. There are also dozens of bats living here.


Ambrosio Cave, photo by Allen McGregor/flickr

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