The most popular restaurants in Havana

Cuban specialty, the picadillo, photo by SaucyGlo/Flickr

Restaurants are very important for holiday-makers. Tourists love to try local specialties on their holiday. The capital city of Cuba, Havana has some great restaurants, some of them serving local, traditional Cuban food while others serving international, Italian, French or Eastern food specialties. There are numerous restaurants, bars and café bars in Havana. It won’t be hard to find your favorite. As in other big cities, these range from cheap- to luxury restaurants. Whether you would like to eat Cuban specialty, seafood or international food, you will surely find at least one restaurant which will become your favorite. To help you, I will present in the following article the most popular ones.


Paladar la Guarida

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Havana. The restaurant can be found on the top floor of a magnificent building, on Concordia Street. Paladar la Guarida is a high-class restaurant. They serve delicious international food. The ambience is lovely and romantic. Visitors of Havana city love this magnificent restaurant. Therefore, you must make your reservation for diner at least one day earlier. If you want to have lunch here, you don’t have to make reservation. Paladar la Guarida is open from 12:00 to 15:00 and from19:00 to midnight. (August 2012)


This restaurant is also very famous and popular among local people and tourists at the same time. It is a lovely Italian restaurant. Whether you order a pizza, a lasagna or the delicious calabaza soup, you will surely be satisfied of the great food. Vegetarians also love this restaurant, as they serve delicious and varied dishes for them, too. There is also a fantastic selection of wines served at Decameron. If you love good food and wines, make sure to visit this restaurant. It is open every day from noon till midnight. (August 2012)

Los Nardos

If you would like to taste Cuban specialties, this restaurant is the perfect choice! It is considered one of the best restaurants in the city. Los Nardos is situated opposite the spectacular Capitolio, in central Havana. They serve delicious Cuban food here. Although the portions are big, the prices are relatively low. Pay attention if you order wine, because they only sell it by bottle, not by glass. The ambience is delightful and the staff is very hospitable. You surely can’t go wrong with this restaurant. It is open daily from noon till midnight. (August 2012)

Cuban specialty, the picadillo, photo by SaucyGlo/Flickr

El Templete

Do you love seafood? Well, this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Havana where seafood is served. It has a nice location, overlooking the harbor. It provides an indoor and an outdoor area which is actually a very large terrace. The food is delicious, ranging from shrimps to lobsters. The ambience is nautical-themed and the atmosphere is very lovely. El Templete is very popular not only among local people, but among tourists, too. It is open daily from 11:00 to midnight. (August 2012)

Lobster, photo by jemasmith/Flickr

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