The most popular drinks in Cuba

Cuba Libre


In an earlier article we introduced you into the world Cuban Cuisine. Now we are going to draw your attention onto the most popular drinks in Cuba, in order to avoid some unpleasant situation while you are in a bar or restaurant and hesitating what kind of beverage to order. Before you go to Cuba you should know that drinking from tap is not safe at all. Either boil the water or drink bottled ones. Rum, Cuba Libre, Mojito are just some of the beverages which made the country famous worldwide. So here is a list with the most popular alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks in Cuba.


Havana Club - famous Cuban rum brand


Rum is known a typical Cuban drink. It is the basic ingredient of cocktails like Cuba Libre, Mojito, Cubanitos etc. Most popular brand is the famous Bacardi, which takes its name from the family that started the company. Other high quality brands are Caribbean Club, Havana Club, Gran Reserva, Cagney, Matusalem, Vatarano, Mulata, Siboney. There are three types of rum: white rum, gold rum and dark rum, they are all highly popular in the country, not only as cocktail ingredients, but by themselves as well.


Cuba is famous for its cocktails as well. Some of them are:
Cuba Libre: made from rum and tropicola with ice.
Mojito: rum, soda, lime juice, mint leaves and ice
Daiquiri: consist of rum, lime juice, sugar a dash of bitters and ice.
Pina Colada: rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, slices of pineapples, orange or lime, paper umbrellas.
Other popular cocktails preferred by the Cubans are Sangria, Saoco and Cubanito.


Cuban people really like to drink beer. They produce loads of brands from which the most popular and some of the best beers are: Cristal, Bucanero Max, Bucanero Fuerte, Hatuey, La Tropical, Cubay Clasica. However you can find foreign beer brands in  Cuba as well, like: Heineken, Corona etc.

Soft drinks



There are loads of soft drinks in Cuba, the best way to drink it when it is ice cold. The most popular ones are:
Materva-soda with herb
Jupino- pineapple soda- it is known as the sweetest soda, best choice if you accompany it with salty and fatty dishes.
Tukola, TropiCola- local cola brands.


Cubans are really proud of their coffee industry. Cuban coffee is served with excessive lystrong caffeine and sugar. There are different types of coffee served in Cuba, some of them are: Café Cubano also known as Cafacito, it is a strong black sweet coffee served in a small cup
Café con Leche- strong coffee with hot milk.
Café Americano- it is a mild version of a real Cuban coffee.


Cuban people do not really prefer drinking wines perhaps that is why it is served mostly in tourist restaurants. Because it is imported from overseas it is quite expensive. The local Cuban wines are usually sour, but not at all bad, so it’s worth a try.

Other popular drinks are Grey Goose Vodca, Bombay Gin, Dewars Scotch. Batidos a Cuban shake prepared from tropical fruits, ice cream whole milk and ice. You might never have had the chance to taste some of the beverages above, so a Cuban visit could be the best occasion for finding the best drinks which matches your taste and lift your spirit.

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