The most popular beaches of Western Cuba

Maria la Gorda Beach, photo by Rosino/flickr

If you are about to visit the western part of Cuba, this article will help you find the most spectacular beaches that can be the perfect choice for your holiday destination. The Cuban beaches are considered some of the best in the world. There are numerous beautiful beaches in this Caribbean country. The Cuban resorts are spectacular and very popular, attracting millions of tourists every year. It is a really hard task to choose any of these beaches, as it really comes down to personal preference. The white, soft sandy beaches are perfect for sun-bathing and relaxation, but if you prefer to practice watersports during your vacation, some of these beaches are the right choice for you!


Maria La Gorda


Maria la Gorda is situated in the province of Pinar del Rio, in western Cuba. It is a spectacular beach and also a well-known diving spot of the country. With gorgeous attractions like black coral, sunken Spanish galleons, caves and tunnels, it is considered one of the best diving locations of Cuba. However, even if you are not a diver, it is a nice place to spend your holiday at. This is also the right place if you wish to skip the crowds, relax, swim and snorkel. Maria la Gorda is also a great holiday destination for nature lovers, as it is home to numerous species of birds, ranging from Bee Hummingbird, the world’s smallest bird, to several very rare species. Thus, it is not surprising that UNESCO declared the region a World Biosphere Reserve.


Maria la Gorda Beach, photo by Rosino/flickr


Cabo San Antonio


It is situated at the west end of Cuba, about 350 km west of Havana, on the tip of the Guanahacabibes Reserve. It is one of the most virgin natural regions of the country. Cabo San Antonio is perfect for nature and beach lovers at the same time, being a heaven for birdwatching and scuba diving. The landscapes are breathtaking and the biodiversity is spectacular. The peninsula is a World Biosphere Reserve. Cabo San Antonio is home to a great variety of birds and mammals, also scenic coral reefs. It is a gorgeous place for divers, with spectacular black corals, thousands of marine species and beautiful ship wrecks. Ecotourism is also a popular activity among tourists who visit Cabo San Antonio, as there are two natural reserves in the region.


Cayo Levisa


Situated also in the province of Pinar del Rio, the island of Cayo Levisa is home to scenic mangroves and coral reefs. The white sandy beach and the turquoise blue, clear waters make the area a very popular beach among tourists. Situated to the north of the National Park La Guϊra, Cayo Levisa is also a spectacular diving resort. As for the accommodation, there are several bungalows and a hotel on the island. This peaceful, truly natural paradise whose surroundings have remained virgin can be the perfect choice as your holiday destination.


Cayo Levisa, photo by Geoffroy M./flickr


Cayo Jutias


Cayo Jutias, an unspoilt cay with a small local fish restaurant, is easily accessible for a great day at the beach. Situated closely to the Vinales Valley, this peaceful little island is located so close to the mainland that a stone causeway was build to link it to the mainland. It isn’t a crowded place at all. The white sandy beach is pristine and the water is clear, blue, having great visibility. It gradually gets deeper, so it is also perfect for families with children. It is not a very popular beach, but a spectacular and peaceful place to spend a day at.


Cayo Jutias, photo by shaorang/flickr

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