The most picturesque mountains in Cuba

Sierra Maestra ©Martin Cathrae/Flickr

Cuba is a dream holiday destination for several reasons: it is home to fantastic historical towns with astonishing colonial buildings, monuments, museums and other cultural attractions, not to mention the gorgeous islands, beaches, national parks and other natural beauties. I am absolutely sure that you will find something that suits your preferences perfectly.

If you are a nature-lover thinking about a trip to Cuba I have good news for you! There are numerous breathtaking mountains in the country. These are perfect for practicing outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, birdwatching and others. In order to help you find the best places for these activities, I will present you the most picturesque mountains in Cuba.

Sierra Maestra

Perhaps the most popular mountain range of the country, the Sierra Maestra can be found in the southeastern part of Cuba. It is considered the highest mountain range of Cuba, offering numerous opportunities for practicing outdoor activities. You can opt for guided hiking tours which include visits to mountain villages where you can get in touch with local traditions. Besides visitors can also trek, cycle, opt for birdwatching and others.

Sierra Maestra ©Martin Cathrae/Flickr

Escambray Mountains

The picturesque Escambray Mountains are situated in the central part of Cuba. There are fantastic highlights in the mountain range, such as the Topes de Collantes which is a nature reserve park. The astonishing park includes waterfalls, rivers, caves and canyons. The World Heritage Site, the Valle de los Ingenios is an extremely popular tourist destination including fantastic attractions such as the tower on the gounds of the Manaca Iznaga estate.

Topes de Collantes ©Carlos.Castro/Flickr

Sierra del Rosario

Situated in the northern part of Cuba, in the province of Pinar del Rio, the Sierra del Rosario is another beautiful mountain range. It is of an outstanding beauty, being home to hundreds of species of plants and numerous species of animals, including bats, lizards, frogs and birds. The Sierra del Rosario is perfect for birdwatchers, hikers, the lovers of trekking and nature.

El Yunque

The picturesque El Yunque Mountains can be found in the western part of Baracoa. It was declared a national monument in 1979. The shape of the mountain resembles to an anvil. It is a popular place for practicing activities like hiking, walking and trekking.

El Yunque (in the background) ©Paul Keller

Sierra Cristal

Situated in the southern part of the country, the Sierra Cristal is a beautiful mountain range of Cuba. Dominated by pine forests, it includes a national park which was established in 1930. The Sierra Cristal is considered the second highest mountain range of the country.



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