The most interesting sights in Vinales

Vinales Valley, photo by Twicepix

The small town of Vinales was founded in 1875, and in some respects it seems like it hasn’t changed at all since then. The town is still peaceful and quite, with beautiful front porches and people who go about their business without hurries and seemingly without worries either. Cuba is known to be a friendly country with inhabitants who are happy to tell you about their homes and their lives, but Vinales is probably the friendliest place in the country, and for this reason alone your stay in Vinales will be an unforgettable one. But the town also has more than a fair number of attractions, so much of your time can be spent on sightseeing too. Here are some of the most interesting sights in Vinales, should you decide to visit this amazing little town.

La Casa del Veguero

It’s said that the best tobacco in the world is grown on the farms surrounded by the stunning mountains of Vinales, and it’s true that if you want to see the most beautiful rural scenery in Cuba it’s enough to go just outside of Vinales. If you want to learn more about the tobacco industry in the area, visit La Casa del Veguero, where you can see a traditiona drying house (secadero) that is still in use, and you can assist to the preparation process – as well as buy some cigars!

El Jardin de Caridad

photo by twicepix

El Jardin de Caridad is a quaint little garden filled with orchids and other sorts of tropical plants, and has been a wonderful place for a stroll for over a century. The garden is owned by an elderly couple who are more than happy to show visitors around and tell them more about the story of the garden, as well as the many plant species grown in there.

Museo Municipal

The small but interesting museum of Vinales is the perfect place to learn about the history of the town, its most famous residents, and admire displays various artifacts. The museum is located in the former home of Adela Azcuy, a famous Cuban independence fighter. If you’re interested in a guided hike, jin one of the groups meeting in front of the museum every day.

Mural de la Prehistoria

photo by mickou

It’s no secret that Vinales is Fidel Castro’s favorite place in Cuba, and during one of his visit he commissioned a mural on cliff, depicting various prehistorical creatures as well as a family of cave people. The mural is no masterpiece, but it is quite interesting to be fair, and popular enough wit the crowds that a gift shop and a restaurants were also built nearby.


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