The best way to discover Cuba

View over Old Havana jodastephen/Flickr

View over Old Havana ©jodastephen/Flickr

What is the best way to discover a foreign country? I think that visiting as many sights as possible, getting in touch with local people and local culture is the best way to discover the visited country. Which country do you choose as your next holiday destination? If you choose Cuba, the following guide is a must-read for you.

Below I will present you the best way to discover Cuba by presenting you some of its premier tourist destinations. Visit as many as you can, dance along with the locals on the street, have a Cuban cigar, a rum or Daiquiri…whatever you’d choose, you will surely find out more things about Cuba. Want a lifetime experience? Don’t waste you time and buy a ticket to Cuba!

Havana, the capital city

One of the top tourist destinations of the country, Havana is a magnificent and buzzing city. With astonishing colonial buildings and important landmarks, visiting Havana is with no doubt one of the best ways to discover Cuba.

Attracting thousands or even millions of visitors yearly, the city is world renowned for its sights and buzzing life. You can also see here the local people dancing on the streets – another unique experience which will make your Cuban holiday memorable.

View over Old Havana jodastephen/Flickr

View over Old Havana ©jodastephen/Flickr

The authentic Viñales Valley

If you are interested in authentic Cuban atmosphere, in traditional agricultural techniques and tobacco plantings, the Viñales Valley is the place to go. It is also an important destination for nature-lovers. There are some magnificent caves in the valley, too which make some excellent tourist attractions. I suggest you not to miss the visit to this amazing site. You will love it.

Vinales Valley  jerrroen/Flickr

Vinales Valley ©jerrroen/Flickr

Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad

Besides Havana, there are other two important cities in Cuba: Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad. Both are significant tourist destinations due to their landmarks and visitor attractions. These cities are characterized by fine colonial architecture and amazing sights to visit. Santiago de Cuba is also famous for its carnival, the Carnival of Santiago de Cuba, while the old town of Trinidad is an important World Heritage Site. 

The islands and beaches

There are numerous wonderful beaches along the coastline, not to mention the beautiful islands which belong to the main island. Varadero, Guardalavaca, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Santa Maria are just some of the most important tourist destinations of the country, attracting numerous lovers of sun and sea.

Varadero Beach kudumomo/Flickr

Varadero Beach ©kudumomo/Flickr

Local culture

A great way to discover Cuba is to get in touch with local people, visit local venues, try some local specialties, have a Daiquiri, a rum or smoke a cigar. Dance along with local people on the streets, take some dancing lessons and maybe learn a few Spanish words. You can also visit the main sights commemorating the Cuban Revolution. It is also a great way to discover the country.

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