The best tourist attractions in Pinar del Rio

The Vinales Valley Romtomtom/Flickr

The Vinales Valley ©Romtomtom/Flickr

Pinar del Rio is a fascinating region of Cuba. It is situated in the island’s western end. There are numerous natural and cultural sites in this region. Three mountain ranges of Cuba, the Sierra del Rosario, the Cordillera de Guaniguanico and the Sierra de los Organos can be found here, not to mention the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Viñales Valley which is a top tourist destination of the country.
The Guanahacabibes Peninsula is another fantastic natural site of the region, marking the westernmost point of Cuba. Pinar del Rio is also famous for its fantastic dive sites and beaches, including Maria la Gorda and Cayo Levisa. If you would like to find out more about the best tourist attractions in Pinar del Rio, read the following guide.

The Viñales Valley

The breathtaking Viñales Valley is one of the top tourist destinations of Cuba. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which makes one of the highlights of the province. If you are interested in traditional agricultural techniques, tobacco (and other crops) plantations, the best site to visit in Cuba is this valley. The Viñales Valley is very popular among hikers and rock climbers, too. Besides, there are numerous beautiful caves in the area which make the valley even more attractive for tourists. The flora and fauna of the area are also astonishing and very attractive for nature-lovers.

The Vinales Valley Romtomtom/Flickr

The Vinales Valley ©Romtomtom/Flickr

The Guanahacabibes Peninsula

The westernmost point of Cuba is the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. A part of the peninsula is an important biosphere reserve of Pinar del Rio. The waters surrounding it are important fishing grounds for red snapper and spiny lobster, not to mention the beautiful coral reefs. The protected area on the peninsula is considered one of Cuba’s largest biosphere reserves. The peninsula is one of the best places to visit if you are a bird-watcher. There are dozens of species living here.

Maria la Gorda

If you are looking for a good beach and dive site, Maria la Gorda is a great choice. It is one of the highlights of Pinar del Rio for tourists. It can be found on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. The International Diving Center Maria la Gorda is very famous among divers who visit the western part of Cuba. Besides its gorgeous dive sites, Maria la Gorda is very popular for practicing eco tourism.

Maria la Gorda waters Geoffroy M./Flickr

Maria la Gorda waters ©Geoffroy M./Flickr

Cayo Levisa

Another fantastic tourist attraction in Pinar del Rio is Cayo Levisa. If you are looking for sunny beaches, water sports options, good dive sites, great accommodation, Cayo Levisa is the perfect destination in the province. This beautiful island will surely make you a memorable holiday.

Cayo Levisa Geoffroy M./Flickr

Cayo Levisa ©Geoffroy M./Flickr

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