The best things to do in Cienfuegos

The El Nicho Waterfalls Giåm/Flickr

The El Nicho Waterfalls ©Giåm/Flickr

Cuba, as a world-renowned tourist destination, is home to innumerable excellent and unique landmarks and visitor attractions. If you are also looking for a unique place to visit, I suggest you to choose this Caribbean country. In the previous guides I have already presented you numerous aspects relating to Cuba’s colonial cities and towns, its excellent beaches and islands, gorgeous national parks and protected areas, its historical attractions, the local products and festivals and other features.

Below I will present you some aspects relating to the amazing city of Cienfuegos, more precisely the best things to do in Cienfuegos. I suggest you to read the following guide before traveling to this city. It will surely help you with some useful information.

Visit the Castillo de Jagua

The castle named Castillo de Jagua is situated at the entrance of the bay of Cienfuegos. The Castillo de Jagua was built as a fort against pirates at the beginning of the 18th century. Today visitors enter the castle by a drawbridge over a moat. In the courtyard of the fort there is a prison and a chapel. You can get to the castle by ferry. It is worth visiting it because the castle is considered one of the most beautiful Spanish fortresses of Cuba.  

Cienfuegos Mikelo/Flickr

Cienfuegos ©Mikelo/Flickr

Discover the El Nicho Waterfalls

The fantastic El Nicho Waterfalls can be found about 25 km south of the city. The El Nicho Waterfalls include a series of falls and beautiful natural pools where visitors can even swim. The falls are surrounded by lush vegetation, up in the famous Escambray Mountains and the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. If you are a nature-lover or you love to go walking, you can not miss this natural wonder.

The El Nicho Waterfalls Giåm/Flickr

The El Nicho Waterfalls ©Giåm/Flickr

Admire a dolphin show at the Cienfuegos Dolphinario

The fantastic delfinario of Cienfuegos is one of the highlights of the city. Watching a dolphin show is surely the dream of every lover of animals. The show the Cienfuegos Dolphinario runs twice a day and lasts for about one hour. The entrance fee is 10CUC and you also have the possibility to swim with these lovely animals for 40CUC. Combine this with a great day at the beach of Playa Rancho Luna which is located adjacent the dolphinario.

Tour the Botanical Gardens of Cienfuegos

Do you love plants? Than tour the Botanical Gardens of Cienfuegos. These botanical gardens date back in 1899. Visitors of the garden have the possibility to take a guided tour inside the garden. The beautiful garden is abundant in several species representing the wonderful Caribbean flora, including about 1.500 plant species.

Woman at the Cienfuegos Botanical Garden Adam Jones, Ph.D. - Global Photo Archive/Flickr

Woman at the Cienfuegos Botanical Garden ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flickr

Go scuba diving

There are no dive sites nearby Cienfuegos, but they organize boat trips to the nearest sites where you can enjoy the amazing underwater life. If you are a diver visiting this Cuban city this year, make sure to bring your dive license or accreditation and your passport if you want to get on board of the boat which will take you to Trinidad.

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