The best theatres in Havana

Great Theatre of Havana, photo by exfordy/Flickr

Havana is a popular tourist destination which is not surprising if we think of the deluge of the spectacular attractions that can be found in the capital city. The immense city is also an important port city of Cuba. The gorgeous city attracts about 1 million tourists each year. Visitors of Havana come here to admire the fantastic attractions, enjoy its vibrant nightlife or attend any of the great festivals. Besides its outstanding fortresses, beautiful cathedral, well-known squares, museums and other architectural jewels, there are some spectacular theatres which are worth visiting. Read on to find out which are the best theatres of Havana city.

Great Theatre of Havana

The most famous and most beautiful theatre of the capital city is named the Great Theatre of Havana (Gran Teatro de la Habana). It is housed in a magnificent Baroque building located on the Paseo del Prado Street. The beautiful building is named “Palace of the Galician Centre”. Besides the theatre, the building is also home to a concert hall, an art gallery, conference rooms and a choral centre. The construction of the building was begun in 1908 and it is adorned with a spectacular marble and stone statue. The theatre opened its doors to the public in 1915. The Great Theatre of Havana is also home to the Cuban National Ballet.

Great Theatre of Havana, photo by exfordy/Flickr

National Theatre of Cuba

The modern building which houses the national theatre is also immense, just like the Palace of the Galician Centre. It is situated on the Plaza de la Revolutión. The construction of the building was begun in 1953 with arts purposes. The theatre opened its doors to the public in 1979. With two major theatre stages, the Sala Covarrubias and Sala Avellaneda, a space dedicated to theatre workshop, the Café Cantante which is a famous Cuban folk music venue, the theatre attracts dozens of visitors. There is even a Piano Bar inside the building which can accommodate up to 150 persons.

Building of the National Theatre of Cuba,

Karl Marx Theatre

It is located on the Playa Miramar and is also named Teatro Blanquita. The theatre houses an immense auditorium which can accommodate up to 5500 persons. It is also the place for different concerts. The Karl Marx Theatre is usually used for big shows and its stage has been graced by famous performers.

Mella Theatre

Named after Julio Antonio Mella, a revolutionary hero, the theatre is housed in a modern building. The theatre is home to various shows, such as cabaret shows or recitals. The Mella Theatre is also home to the National Folk Group. There is also a small gallery inside the building which displays photographs of the Italian photographer, Tina Modotti.

Amadeo Roldán Theatre

Also housed in a modern building, the theatre can be found in the district of Vedado. It used to be home to the Auditorium of Havana. Today it includes two halls and is home to different shows like piano recitals, symphonic orchestras, contemporary or classic music performances. The prestigious event, the International Guitar Gathering is also held in this building.

Amadeo Roldán Theatre,


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