The best souvenirs from Cuba

Different brands of Cuban cigars, photo by alexbrn/Flickr

When you return from a holiday, it is very important to choose the perfect souvenirs and gifts for the whole family. Every country has its own symbols. Usually, the duplicates of these symbols (in some cases landmarks) make the most common souvenirs. In Cuba’s case, the best-known souvenirs are rum, coffee and cigars. Tourists also like to buy T-shirts, key chains, wristbands, mouse pads and others with the name, the map of the country or some symbols on them. If you prefer hand-made clothes or other handcrafts, you can also purchase some fine items in Cuba. There are also souvenirs relating to the country’s history or culture which are, in case of Cuba, Ernest Hemingway’s works for example, or items relating to Fidel Castro.




Cuban coffee is very famous and delicious. There are huge coffee plantations in the country and Cuban coffee is considered one of the world’s best coffees. If you visit Cuba, it is highly recommended to taste their coffee. There are several types of ground coffee. One of these is the well-known and delicious Cafe Cubita. It is characterized by perfect dryness and roast. Being a strong coffee, Cubita Coffee is the most popular brand in Cuba. You can buy it in different sized packs. You can even buy coffee grinders, cups or travel mugs as great gifts for anyone.




You can buy cigars everywhere in Cuba. There are numerous tobacco plantations in the country. Buying cigars as souvenirs will surely be a good option and they make elegant gifts for men. Some people say Cuban cigars are the best ones in the world. There are numerous brands and sizes of cigars in Cuba. The most popular ones are the following: Cohiba, Diplomaticos, Montecristo, Hoyo de Monterrey, Partages, Rafael Gonzales and so on. You can buy packs of 3, 5 or even 20. If you haven’t tasted them before, it is recommended to buy one piece or a pack of maximum three cigars. Cigar cutters, ashtrays, leather cigar cases also make spectacular gifts and souvenirs.


Different brands of Cuban cigars, photo by alexbrn/Flickr


Souvenirs relating to Ernest Hemingway


Ernest Hemingway, the well-known writer lived for about 20 years in Cuba, a fact of which Cubans are very proud. He lived near Havana and became a symbol for the city. There are several attractions which commemorate the life of Hemingway. If you would like to bring home some items relating to Hemingway, you can go for some pictures or books of the famous novelist. Visiting El Floridita, you will also have the occasion to make a photo with the bust of Hemingway and give the picture to friends as a gift.


Souvenirs relating to Fidel Castro


The well-known revolutionary is a key figure and one of the major symbols of Cuba. He was the Prime Minister between 1959 and 1976 and later became the president of the country. Many people consider Castro was a dictator, as he preferred to adopt the principles of Marxism-Leninism. If you would like to buy some gifts or souvenirs with the well-known personality, you can buy Fidel Castro figurines or coffee mug with his face on it. Other souvenirs are: pictures, books, flags, key chains, stamps, post cards and so on.


Fidel Castro postcards, photo by Phil Guest/Flickr

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