The best small towns in Cuba

Trinidad, photo by Nouhailler/Flickr

The best-known and largest cities and towns in Cuba are Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, Cienfuegos, Matanzas, Pinar del Rio and so on. But what about the small towns of the country? Do you think these are less attractive? Of course, there are lesser attractions in these towns than in the big cities of Cuba, but they are also charming and attractive. For many tourists a holiday doesn’t mean sightseeing in a crowded city. They prefer peaceful places where they can relax. The below presented small towns are perfect for relaxation, sightseeing and having a great vacation. Visiting Trinidad, Baracoa, Morón or Artemisa, to name just a few of the Cuban small town, will surely make a spectacular holiday.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Trinidad can be found in the Sancti Spiritus province. It is a charming town with numerous fantastic museums. Some say Trinidad is a large museum itself. The buildings of the town are characterized by the colonial architectural style. The 500-year-old town can be very attractive for many tourists, as it is a truly jewel of Cuba. Trinidad is also well-known for its lovely streets, beautiful squares and palaces. The town is quite small to be toured in a couple of hours. It is also the perfect place for young people, because there are fantastic and unique discotheques here. One can be found in a huge cave, while another one in a church’s ruins.

Trinidad, photo by Nouhailler/Flickr


Situated in the Guantanamo Province, Baracoa is a well-known attractive town of Cuba. The town can be found on the Bay of Honey, the site where the famous discoverer, Christopher Columbus landed on his first voyage. One of the town’s major attractions is the beautiful cathedral. The surroundings of Baracoa are breathtaking, with some fantastic hills. There are some magnificent waterfalls and a national park here. Visiting Baracoa is a great choice for nature-lovers, too. Tourists can easily get to the waterfalls or the national park. The best-known waterfall is ‘el Saltadero’ which has a height of 17 m.


The town has a favorable position, being the closest town to the well-known islands, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. One of its major attractions is the museum which was built in Neoclassical style. An also famous landmark of Morón is the statue of a rooster. Not far from the town can be found the biggest lake of Cuba, the Laguna de Leche. It is a popular attraction for nature-lovers. Tourists will have the occasion to admire the Caribbean Flamingo here.

The rooster in Moron, photo by lvroberts/Flickr


Artemisa can be found in the La Habana Province. The town had an important role in the revolution led by Fidel Castro, as it provided many fighters. Therefore, the Martyrs Mausoleum which can be found here is considered a National Monument of Cuba. Another great attraction of the town is the Church of Artemisa. It is a lovely little church dedicated to Saint Mark, the patron saint of Artemisa. This town is the perfect choice for those who would like to relax and avoid crowds during their vacation.

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