The best sights for entertainment in Cuba

La Bodeguita ahisgett/Flickr

La Bodeguita ©ahisgett/Flickr

Cuba is undoubtedly the land of endless entertainment. If you are planning a journey to Cuba, I tell you it’s going to be one of the most exciting travel experiences of your life. You surely won’t get bored during this great vacation. There are dozens of things to do and to see in this Caribbean country. From gorgeous beaches to natural wonders and colonial towns, the country offers a large variety of attractions. Besides, there are numerous places to get entertained. In case you are looking for the best sights for entertainment in Cuba, I recommend you to read my guide. Below I will give you some useful info relating to the following venues: the El Floridita Bar, the Teatro Nacional de Cuba, Tropicana Santiago, the Gran Teatro de la Habana and La Bodeguita del Medio.

El Floridita Bar

As one of the most famous bars in Havana, the El Floridita attracts numerous visitors. It is famous for being the “cradle of the daiquiri”. El Floridita used to be one of the favorite places of Ernest Hemingway. Its name also suggests this fact, El Floridita meaning “little Florida”. If you would like to have a great daiquiri, you can not miss to visit this bar.

At the El Floridita, with Hemingway's brother kudumomo/Flickr

At the El Floridita, with Hemingway’s brother ©kudumomo/Flickr

Teatro Nacional de Cuba

As one of the most significant places of Havana’s cultural life, the Teatro Nacional de Cuba was built during the 1950’s. It can be found on the famous Plaza de la Revolución, in Centro Habana. Today the complex hosts several landmark concerts, the National Ballet of Cuba and foreign theater troupes. If you love cultural events, I recommend you to make a reservation of a ballet performance for instance.

Tropicana Santiago

Not only Havana has excellent sights where you can get entertained, but Santiago de Cuba also has. Inspired by the original Tropicana, this Las Vegas–style floor show is characterized by colorful feathers and costumes. Besides, the one in Havana costs twice the price of the ticket to Tropicana Santiago. The entry fee costs CUC 35. (November 2013)

The Gran Teatro de la Habana

The beautiful Neo-baroque theatre of Havana known as the Gran Teatro de la Habana is one of the most important landmarks of the city. It is situated across the Parque Central. The theatre is home of the Cuban National Opera and stands as a rival somehow to the Teatro Nacional de Cuba.

Great Theatre of Havana, photo by exfordy/Flickr

Great Theatre of Havana ©exfordy/Flickr

La Bodeguita

Famous for being one of the favorite bars of Ernest Hemingway, the prestigious La Bodeguita attracts numerous visitors every year. If you visit Havana, you can not miss to make a visit to this fantastic bar. Be prepared for high prices, yet great mojitos. I am not telling you that the best mojitos are to be found here, but the fame of this place and the atmosphere make it very popular for tourists.

La Bodeguita ahisgett/Flickr

La Bodeguita ©ahisgett/Flickr



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