The best shopping spots in Havana

Market in Havana, photo by Bruce Tuten/Flickr

Cuba is not a shopping paradise. Although, tourists have the opportunity to buy some great souvenirs in the country. Cuban cigars, rum, coffee, some craftworks, music CD’s or T-shirts are very popular among tourists. The capital city, Havana is home to numerous shopping malls, markets and small shops. Tourists can buy great souvenirs in the city. There are shops all over the city, in the Old Havana district, in central Havana and the Miramar district. There are some smaller shops on Obispo Street where the access is limited. In some cases, you will have to wait outside the shop while the other client leaves. There are also shops where you have to leave your handbag at the desk designated for this purpose.

Plaza Carlos Tercero

Situated in Central Havana, it can be found on Avenida Salvador Allende. It is a big shopping mall, displayed on three levels. The mall is very popular among local people, being usually very crowded. It is important to mention that sometimes there are long queues at the entrances of the shops, so be prepared for it. It includes numerous clothing shops, food shops, electronic products shops, restaurants, cafes and peso shops where you can buy any item at a fix price (1 or 5 pesos). This mall is one of the typical Cuban shopping spots.

La Puntilla and La Maison

Both of these shopping spots can be found in the Miramar district. The biggest malls ang supermarkets can be found in this district. The same big and well-stocked are La Puntilla and La Maison, too. La Puntilla is a large mall which can be found at the corner of the 1st Avenue and Street A. There are great food shops, clothing shops, perfume shops and electronic products shops. La Maison is located on the 16th Street. It includes clothing shops, jewel shops and perfume shops. There is also a fine restaurant and a swimming pool in the mall. It is a quite expensive mall for business men and tourists.

Markets in Havana

If you would like to buy delicious fruits and vegetables, choose a market! There are several great markets in Havana some of which are very crowded and noisy. Some of the local markets are the following: Mercado de la Rampa, Feria del Malecon, Mercado de la Catedral, Cuatro Caminos and Colon Market. The last one was named after Christopher Columbus (the Spanish name is Christobal Colon). Some of the markets are hidden and you can find them only by asking for help from a local people. Cuatro Caminos Market is very popular in Havana. It is a farmers market, being very noisy, as live animals are on offer here. You can also buy tropical fruits and delicious vegetables on these markets, such as papaya, mango, black beans or garlic.

Market in Havana, photo by Bruce Tuten/Flickr

Cigar and rum shops in Havana

Cuban cigars and rum are worldwide famous. If you would like to buy any of it, the shops in Havana are the right places to do it. La Casa de Tobaco y Ron (The House of Tobacco and Rum) is very popular in Havana. So is the Casa de Habanero Partagas which is a cigar shop, but also offers a factory tour for those who are interested in the production of cigars. Buying Cuban cigar or rum as a souvenir for your friends is a great idea.

Cuban cigars, photo by alexbrn/Flickr


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