The best scuba-diving spots in Cuba

Maria la Gorda, photo by Geoffroy Magnan on Flickr

Cuba is a paradise for many kinds of travelers, and this is not such an easy thing to accomplish. Luxury travelers can stay at one of the many beach-side resorts, kick back and enjoy the scenery, while independent travelers in search of adventure can have it in one of the many national parks or in the small towns where Cuban culture is at its best. Of course, urban life in Cuba is not to be neglected either – just try salsa dancing in Havana! But another thing that Cuba excels at is scuba diving – there are more amazing scuba diving spots in Cuba than one can count. If you are interested in the wonders of underwater life, then you shouldn’t miss out on some of the best scuba-diving spots in Cuba on your next trip.

Maria la Gorda

Maria la Gorda is in many respects one of the best beach areas in Cuba, for swimmers, beach bums and scuba divers alike. There is such an astounding variety of wildlife in Cuba that even naturalists are in awe, and you can see the best of it in Maria la Gorda, a remote and pristine location in the western parts of Cuba. The diving sites are located on Guanacahabibes Peninsula, and they can be visited all year round.

Cayo Largo

photo by Ian Armstrong

Cayo Largo in Northern Cuba has some of the most untouched coral reefs and beaches on the island, and thanks to the barrier of corals the water is very calm and suitable even for beginner scuba divers. The water is warmer in Cayo Largo than anywhere else in Cuba, and even the tropical fish seem to be more colorful – all is well worth the trouble of traveling from Havana to this remote part of Cuba.

Cayo Levisa

If accessibility is an important point for you, then you might want to visit Cayo Levisa, one of the best scuba-diving spots in Cuba and one that is easy to reach from the capital. Not only the coral and the tropical fish are very interesting in Cayo Largo, but also the shipwreck – there are quite a few of them, dating back to the 18th and even the 17th century.

Faro Luna

photo by Derek Keats

Faro Luna has been praised for its extremely clean waters, and thanks to the good state of the marine environment there are more than 20 diving sites in the area. There are many interesting shipwrecks at Faro Luna, and unique coral formations, so it is not surprising that this spot is very popular with local divers and with underwater photographers.

Playa Giron

For shelf diving, Playa Giron is the best spot in Cuba, and it is very accessible too: only a couple of hours from Varadero. The local options also include some beautiful underwater caves, and the variety is such that expert divers as well as beginners will find sits that are perfect for their skills levels.

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