The best restaurants in Varadero

photo by Felipe Martinez on Flickr

Varadero is one of the most exclusive beach resorts in Cuba, where many package tour and luxury travelers end up. The beaches of Varadero are lovely, the nightlife is lively, and there are many great hotels to choose from. In short, tourist facilities in Varadero are some of the best you can find in the country. It might not be the best place to get a taste of Cuban culture and life, but it is definitely the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. And if you are a foodie, you will definitely have your work cut out for you if you are planning on sampling Varadero’s culinary delights, from market stalls and local fast food to fine dining. Here are some of the best restaurants in Varadero, for those who like to think with their stomachs.

El Criollo

With so many high class resorts, there is a lot of international cuisine in Varadero, but never fear, because the Criollo is there to introduce you to traditional Cuban and Caribbean cuisine. El Criollo specializes in Criolla dishes, served in a pleasant atmosphere – the restaurant is decorated to look like a traditional Cuban home. There’s an open air veranda where you can enjoy your meal while taking advantage of the nice weather too.

Las Americas

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If you want to spend the evening sampling the menu of a really exclusive restaurant, hear to Las Americas, located at the Mansion Xanadu. The seats on the veranda facing the ocean fill up quickly, but wherever you’re seated, you can be sure of a royal treatment. The menu consists mostly of Continental and French dishes, and the wine list is very good and surprisingly affordable.

Las Antiguedades

The name of this restaurant (the antiquities) reflects its decor: all sorts of old and precious vases, wall decorations, crystal chandeliers, antique French chairs and exquisite cutlery. It’s almost like being given the chance to dine in a beautiful antique shop. The food is Criollo, and the restaurant makes some of the best traditional ropa vieja (a type of Cuban shredded beef stew) in Varadero.

Meson de Quijote

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This small restaurant is located next to a replica of a medieval castle, perched on a hill overlooking the beach resorts. The view is nice, but you will probably focus mostly on the food, especially the seafood dishes which are the restaurant’s specialty. Try the paella, the fresh lobster entrees, pork cooked in brandy and various expertly prepared chicken dishes.

El Aljibe

The menu of the Aljibe can best be described as Criollo cuisine, but the undeniable stars of the price list are the various chicken dishes. The restaurant is located on the beach and it has a roof thatched with palm leaves, and although it is a fixed-price, all you can eat type restaurant it has the best chicken with orange sauce that you’ll taste anywhere.

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