The best nightlife spots in Varadero

photo by Dani Figueiredo on Flickr

If you want to splurge in Cuba, to enjoy the best hotels, services, beaches and nightlife venues, then you will definitely have a blast in Varadero, one of the most exclusive parts of the country. While Havana or Trinidad pride themselves on historical heritage and cultural experiences, Varadero is unabashedly hedonistic – it’s a place where you go in order to laze around, eat delicious food, party and be waited on hand and foot. And if you have partying on your mind, then there are plenty of places in and near Varadero where you can lose yourself into the music and show off your dance moves. The best nightlife spots in Varadero are fully capable of entertaining your for as long as you are in the city.

La Arboleda

Not in the mood for any fancy hotel bars and lounges where the only people you can meet are travelers like yourself? In that case, head to La Arboleda, a place so tiny that it is almost completely comprised of a bar and a kitchen, with a few tables on the sidewalk outside the door. The rest is standing space, but that doesn’t bother the locals at all. La Arboleda is a very lively place with genuine Cuban atmosphere, and often live music. And besides, it is open at all hours, so feel free to drop by whenever you feel like it.

La Bamba

La Bamba discotheque in Hotel Tuxpan has been one of the premier dance venues of Varadero for the past two decades. If you want to get your groove on on the rhythms of salsa, merengue or danza, this is the perfect place for it, alongside all the other tourists who make their way to this stylish disco. The drink menu is also quite extensive, with both Cuban fare and imports.

La Comparsita

photo by 2sirius

If you want to spend the evening at a place where there will be very few (or no) tourists around, then you can head to La Comparsita, where you can experience authentic Cuban nightlife. There is always some live act or another, usually salsa groups, singers or comedians. There is a piano bar and a karaoke section as well, for those who want to show off their knowledge of popular music.

Cueva del Pirata

Cueva del Pirata, the pirate’s cave, is actually a natural cave housing a cabaret as well as a Cuban dance school during the day. Cabarets are a very popular form of entertainment in Cuba, and most larger cities will have at least a few cabaret show that attract both tourists and locals. Even if the cabaret show will not be the best in town, the atmosphere at Cueva is great and the decor on its own is reason enough to drop by.

Havana Cafe

Havana Cafe is one of the best nightlife spots in Varadero without a doubt, and it can easily compete with any cabaret venue in Havana. The show and the live band are top notch, so this is a great place to get acquainted with the basics of Cuban nightlife. After the show is over, the dancefloor becomes one of the liveliest discos in town.

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