The best hotels in Varadero

Varadero Beach, photo by Artur Staszewski/Flickr

Choosing a hotel before going on a holiday is always a key part of the perfect vacation. If you choose a good hotel, your stay will be pleasant and you will surely return to home with good memories. If you are about to visit Varadero on your holiday and would like to find the best hotel, you read the right article! There are numerous great hotels in Varadero, ranging from all inclusive to budget hotels, from romantic to family hotels and even golf hotels. You will also find in the resort hotels ranging from 2-stars to 5-stars. Whatever your preferences, you will surely find the perfect hotel! Let’s see which are the best and most popular hotels in Varadero.


Hotel Iberostar Playa Alameda

It is a great 5-star, all inclusive hotel. The hotel will surely make your stay pleasant, comfortable, luxuriant and unforgettable. Hotel Iberostar Playa Alameda is situated closely to the wonderful beach of Varadero and also adjacent to the well-known nature reserve of Hicacos. There are fantastic features offered by the hotel: great swimming pools, sauna and wellness, Jacuzzi and so on. The hotel is perfect not only for couples, but for families, too. There are great activities for every age, such as volleyball, gym, activities and shown for children, tennis and so on.

Varadero Beach, photo by Artur Staszewski/Flickr

Hotel BelleVue Sunbeach

If you go for a budget hotel, BelleVue Sunbeach is the perfect choice! It is a 3-star hotel which is perfect for families. The hotel is situated closely to the beach, offering fantastic activities like volleyball, beach soccer, aerobics, scuba diving lessons in the swimming pool, ping pong, salsa lessons and so on. There are also fantastic evening shows in the hotel. With a number of 272 rooms, it is one of the best budget hotels of Varadero.

Hotel Melia Las Américas

The luxurious golf hotel is recommended for adults. It is a fantastic 5-star hotel with a number of 310 rooms. Among the facilities offered by the hotel there is a mini-golf ground, making a favorite for golf-lovers. Hotel Melia Las Américas is also the right choice for young couples, weddings, special events or business purposes. The hotel is situated right on the wonderful Varadero Beach.

Mini golf, photo by Mike_fleming/Flickr

Hotel Tryp Peninsula

This hotel is a fantastic all inclusive hotel, perfect for families with little children. It includes a Baby Club for children between 0 and 4 years old and a Mini Club for kids between 4 and 12 years old. While the parents relax in the fantastic swimming pools, the children will have a great time, being entertained by professional trainers. Adults can also practice different activities such as playing volleyball, billiards, gym or just relax in the sauna or Jacuzzi. It might not be a cheap stay, but surely unforgettable!

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