The best festivals in Havana

Grand Theatre of Havana,

Havana, the capital city of Cuba is a fantastic city. It attracts millions of tourist with its gorgeous attractions. Old Havana is the name of the city centre. It is home to some spectacular historic buildings and attractions. Besides the four fantastic fortresses of Old Havana, the attractions include the famous Catedral de San Cristóbal, the National Capitol Building, the Grand Theatre of Havana, numerous squares, museums and so on. Besides the several tourist attractions, there are other points of interest for visitors of Havana: the fantastic festivals and events which are held annually in the capital city. In the following there will be presented the best festivals of the city.

The International Havana Ballet Festival

Dedicated to the art of ballet, the International Havana Ballet Festival attracts dozens of visitors. Created in 1960, it is one of the oldest festivals in the world. It is held currently in alternate years and it is worldwide famous. The purpose of the festival is not the competition, but the meeting of artists. The festival is held in several Cuban cities besides the capital city. The event attracts famous dancers and specialists from all around the world. It takes place in the gorgeous Grand Theatre of Havana with fantastic performances of dancers of the National Ballet of Cuba and guests from all around the world.

Grand Theatre of Havana,

The International Havana Jazz Festival

This fantastic festival is one of the numerous events in Cuba which are dedicated to the arts of music, art and dance. The International Havana Jazz Festival is held annually in the capital city of Cuba. It is dedicated to the jazz music. This event was founded by a number of Cuban jazz musicians. In 2012 it was held the 28th Jazz Festival in Havana. Besides the Cuban jazz musicians, the event attracts a large number of prestigious jazz musicians, bands and different specialists from all around the world. The concerts take place in various locations of the capital city, such as the Casa de la Cultura of Plaza, the Mella Theatre, the Palacio de la Rumba, the National Theatre of Cuba and so on.

Cuban jazz musician, Candido Camera Guerra, photo by minarai/Flickr

The Habanos Cigar Festival

It is an annual event of Havana. The Habanos Cigar Festival is held in every February. The festival is usually a five-day event. There are numerous activities offered by this fantastic event, such as visiting tours of cigar factories, cigar tastings, presentations of the history of cigar making in Cuba, visits to plantations of tobacco and even lessons on how to roll a Cuban cigar. It is a fascinating interactive festival which is very popular among visitors. Visitors also have the occasion during this event to purchase numerous brands of Cuban cigar.

Cuban cigars, photo by Rosa Menkman/Flickr


Havana’s International Film Festival

Founded in 1979, it is today one of the major Cuban festivals. The event takes place in the capital city, every December. There are organized numerous contests in different categories, such as documentary, short length film, animation and so on. The highlight of the festival is the so called Official Section Contest during which 21 films can contest for the Coral Award. The festival is internationally famous and attracts a large number of visitors.


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