The best events in Cuba

The Great Theatre of Havana

The Great Theatre of Havana ©

Cuban people definitely know how to celebrate. Thus, it is not surprising that their calendar is full of fantastic festivals and events. Some of the most famous events such as Havana’s International Ballet Festival and Santiago de Cuba’s Carnival attract tourists from all around the world. Besides, there are several other festivals and events held all over Cuba. Which event to attend only depends on the region you are about to visit. If you love festivals, read the following guide. It might help you a lot finding the best events in Cuba. Whatever you would choose, I guarantee you will have a great time. Join the local people, get in touch with their culture and dance along them.

Havana’s International Ballet Festival

Held in the Great Theatre of Havana, this worldwide famous festival attracts visitors from all over the world. It is held every two years since 1960. The event invites people from all over the world to enjoy the fascinating ballet performances of prestigious dancers of the world and also shows the visitors the high standard reached by the Cuban ballet. It is considered one of the oldest of its kind. If you love ballet, I think you can not miss to attend this event. It is bad news that you will have to wait a year, the next one being held in 2014.

The Great Theatre of Havana

The Great Theatre of Havana ©

Santiago de Cuba’s Carnival

As one of the most popular and most famous carnivals of Cuba, the Santiago de Cuba’s Carnival is a fantastic event that you shouldn’t miss. It is considered one of the most vivid and most colorful festivals in the Caribbean region. If you visit Cuba between the 21st and 29th of July, go to Santiago de Cuba and enjoy the fantastic celebration. Join the colorfully costumed crowds and dance along them to the vivid rhythms.   

Santiago de Cuba street Vibragiel/Flickr

Santiago de Cuba street ©Vibragiel/Flickr

Havana’s International Jazz Festival

Are you planning your visit during December? If your destination will be Havana, choose the period between the 15th and 23rd of the month. Havana’s International Jazz Festival is a fantastic event which attracts a large number of visitors. If you love jazz music, you can not miss it either.

Havana jodastephen/Flickr

Havana ©jodastephen/Flickr

Baracoa’s El Reve Changüí Festival

If your destination is Baracoa, you will have the opportunity to attend the fantastic event of Baracoa’s El Reve Changüí Festival. This event invites the most authentic and most popular changüí artists of Cuba. Musical and dance performances are held during the event.

Cayo Largo’s Carnival

Another fantastic event of Cuba is Cayo Largo’s Carnival. The carnival takes place on the bustling Boulevard de Cayo Largo. People get out on the boulevard and join the fiesta. If you love to dance, this is the best choice for you!

Camagüey’s Week of Cultural Celebrations

Are you interested in Cuban culture? Well, if the answer is “yes”, Camagüey’s Week of Cultural Celebrations is a fantastic event to attend. It also commemorates the founding of the beautiful city. As it is held in the first week of February, you will have to wait a year.



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