The best diving spots in Cuba

Caribbean reef shark,

In one of the previous articles I presented the best snorkeling spots in Cuba. In the following article there will be presented the best diving places in Cuba. The Caribbean Sea is home to some magnificent coral reefs and an abundant underwater life. For those who love diving, Cuba is the right place.

The best and most popular diving spot is undoubtedly Jardines de la Reina. It is a paradise for every diver. Other spectacular diving sites can be found all around the island of Cuba, at Varadero, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca, Cayo Levisa, Cayo Largo Maria la Gorda and so on. There are numerous places where you can admire the breathtaking underwater life, the impressive ship wrecks and coral reefs.

Jardines de la Reina

With no doubt, Jardines de la Reina is the best diving spot in Cuba and probably in the whole Caribbean. It is an archipelago which includes about 230 small islands and was named by Christopher Columbus. He explored the archipelago and named it the “Queen’s Gardens” (English fo Jardines de la Reina) after the Spanish Queen. The archipelago is surely a paradise for every diver. There are wonderful creatures in the waters. You can admire the spectacular Caribbean reef shark, the Whale shark, the Silk shark, huge tarpons, jewfish, beautiful turtles, barracudas, green morays and the magnificent coral reefs. It is guaranteed that you will meet at least one shark during your dive due to their abundance in these waters. If you are searching for a perfect diving spot, you can’t go wrong with Jardines de la Reina!

Caribbean reef shark,


Varadero is a tourist paradise in Cuba. It is very popular among visitors of the country. The resort is also a famous diving spot. There are three diving centres here where you can book a dive. The waters are clear and abundant in underwater life, with magnificent coral reefs, caves, fantastic shipwrecks, meadows of sponges and so on. Every diver will surely be satisfied by the beauty of the diving spots. There are about 500 species of fish, gorgonians, algae and about 200 species of sponges in the waters. As you can see, Varadero is one of the best diving spots in Cuba.

Reefs at Varadero, photo by Phil Guest/Flickr


If you want quality diving, choose Guardalavaca. There are also three diving centres here where visitors can book a fantastic dive. The sealife is magnificent and abundant, not to mention the breathtaking underwater cliffs, beautiful caves, valleys and terraces. You will surely be amazed by the fascinating coral reefs, the numerous species of fish, groupers and gorgonians. If you visit Guardalavaca, I suggest you not to just lye on the beautiful beaches, but make a dive, because it’s worth it!

Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo is undoubtedly one of the best diving spots in Cuba. The marine life is abundant and fascinating. Besides the impressive coral reefs, there are also wonderful cliffs in these waters. Among the animals which can be found here are turtles, rays, snappers, tarpons, green morays, surgeonfish, crawfish and so on. The Nurse shark can also be seen in the seas near Cayo Largo. Choose Cayo Largo and you will surely have part of an unforgettable dive!

Cayo Largo beach, photo by dblackadder/Flickr

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