The best destinations for kids in Cuba

Flamingo at Havana National Zoo Barbara Walsh Photography/Flickr

Flamingo at Havana National Zoo ©Barbara Walsh Photography/Flickr

Cuba is a spectacular family-friendly destination. Children are welcome actually everywhere around the country. Whatever you choose as your destination, you will be surely close to at least one entertainment option dedicated to the kids. There are fantastic rides or other entertainment options in almost every Cuban city and town. Visiting zoological gardens, circuses, swimming with dolphins, watching puppet shows, visiting a crocodile breeding farm or go horseback riding will surely be an unforgettable experience for your children. If you are traveling with your children, it is good to know which the best destinations for kids in Cuba are. Read the following guide to find it out!

Cienfuegos – Delfinario

Situated at Rancho Luna, the astonishing Delfinario offers its visitors fantastic dolphin shows every day. Besides, they can also swim with these friendly marine creatures. What can be more exciting for a kid who loves marine animals?

Holguin – Steam Train Ride

If you are visiting Holguin, don’t miss the ride on the fantastic steam train which takes you along the Grupo Maniabón Mountains and the beautiful town of Rafael Frevre. If your child likes steam trains, it will surely be very entertaining for him.

Santa Lucia – Crocodile Breeding Farms

There are numerous crocodile breeding farms in the region. If you and your family love the animals, you can not miss to visit one of the farms. The farms can be visited accompanied by guides who will take you really close to the crocs.

Varadero – Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

This activity is dedicated to both adults and kids. What can be more relaxing and exciting at the same time than visiting the beautiful city of Varadero by a horse-drawn carriage? I am absolutely sure that the whole family will enjoy it.

Santiago de Cuba – Valle de la Prehistoria

One of the best destinations for kids in Cuba is with no doubt the Valle de la Prehistoria (Prehistoric Valley) in Santiago de Cuba. It is part of the Baconao Biosphere Reserve, being one of its highlights. If your kid is interested in dinosaurs, this is the best choice for your family! You will find here life-size dinosaur models sculpted in stone. It will surely be exciting!

The Prehistoric Valley

The Prehistoric Valley ©


Jardines del Rey – Tren Turístico en Cayo Coco

If your destination is Jardines del Rey, get on the touristic train at Cayo Coco. The ride includes numerous activities, including animal shows and even a visit to Playa Flamingo.

Cayo Coco oknidius/Flickr

Cayo Coco ©oknidius/Flickr

Havana – National Zoo

Is your child a zoo fan? Than the National Zoo of Cuba situated in Havana is your best choice. You will have the occasion to watch the lions, rhinos, hippos and other wild creatures hang around.

Flamingo at Havana National Zoo Barbara Walsh Photography/Flickr

Flamingo at Havana National Zoo ©Barbara Walsh Photography/Flickr





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