The best convincing reasons to visit Holguin

Swimming with the dolphins, photo by jennicatpink/Flickr

Holguin is the name of a province in Cuba. Its capital city is also named Holguin. The province is not a typical tourist destination, but offers some fantastic activities, a long coastline with great beaches, fantastic hotels and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. It is situated in the southeastern part of Cuba. The town of Holguin is a typical Cuban town, characterized by the presence of colonial architecture. There are several parks, museums, galleries and other attractions in the town. In the following article there will be presented several convincing reasons why you should visit this fantastic province. Read on to find out more about Holguin.

Things to do

There are several fantastic activities which can be practiced in Holguin. Swimming with the dolphins is perhaps the most exciting one. You can opt for this once in a lifetime experience at Bahia de Naranjo Marine Park. It is surely an unforgettable experience. I suggest you not to miss it. If you happen to visit the beach of Guardalavaca, make sure to search for the man who cuts mermaid and fish of trees. It is breathtaking how this man makes art of a tree. Also, visiting an of the province’s towns is a great excursion. Holguin, its capital is one of the most beautiful. As I already mentioned it, there are several attractions in this town. Mayari is another fantastic town of the province. A national park named Sierra Cristal is partly situated in Mayari. If you are interested in cigar producing, you can make a visit to the cigar factory which can be found in the city of Holguin. It is a great day out and a memorable experience. As you can see, there are dozens of things to do in the fantastic province of Holguin.

Swimming with the dolphins, photo by jennicatpink/Flickr

Beaches and nightlife

Holguin owns a long coastline with numerous spectacular beaches. Playa Esmeralda, Playa Yuraguanal, Playa Pesquero, Playa Blanca and Playa Guardalavaca are considered the best beaches of the province. These are more popular among tourists, than the towns of Holguin. Guardalavaca is the most famous among the beaches. It is a spectacular beach which is very popular amongst visitors of Holguin. The sand is white and soft and the waters are crystal clear and warm. Playa Esmeralda is also a magnificent beach, being very popular among tourists. It is also named the emerald beach due to the green color of the water. The nightlife on the beaches is vibrant and the discos are popular among young tourists. Some of the hotels include discos, but there are also great discos and bars on the beaches, like La Roca. If you would like to have a great night, choose one of the local discos.

Playa Guardalavaca, photo by jmerelo/Flickr

Hotels and restaurants

As for the accommodation, there are some excellent hotels in Holguin of which some luxurious hotels are located on the beach. The top three hotels are considered Playa Costa Verde Hotel, Playa Pesquero Hotel and Sol Rio De Luna Y Mares. The spectacular four-star hotel named Playa Costa Verde Hotel is one of the best choices for everyone. It is an all inclusive hotel and the staff is very attentive. The swimming pools are fantastic and the facilities suit everyone’s preference. Playa Pesquero is one of the most famous hotels in Holguin. It can be found on the beach with the same name. It is a luxurious hotel with spacious rooms, fantastic services and magnificent swimming pools. As for the restaurants, there are some fantastic ones in Holguin. Besides the classic restaurants, you can have a chicken meal with bananas, rice, garlic and oil. Local people stand on the beach and grill the chicken. It is surely a unique experience.

Hotels on the beach of Guardalavaca, photo by jmerelo/Flickr


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