The best attractions in the Baconao Park

The Prehistoric Valley,

One of the most scenic natural attractions of Cuba, the Baconao Park is a well-known tourist attraction in the country. It occupies a large surface of more than 800 km². The park is situated about 20 km from the city of Santiago de Cuba. The name of the park is related to a legend which mentions a “bacona”, a magical tree. The fantastic park was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Biosphere Reserves in 1987.

It is home to numerous fantastic species of animals and plants, as well as coffee plantations. The Baconao Park is very popular among visitors, being home to some outstanding attractions, such as the Prehistoric Valley, the lagoon, the Great Rock, the museum, the botanical garden and so on. Read on to find out more about the gorgeous attractions of this amazing biosphere reserve.

The Prehistoric Valley

Named the “Valle de la Prehistoria” in Spanish, the Prehistoric Valley in the Baconao Park is one of the major tourist attractions. It includes an exhibition with life-size prehistoric men and mammoths. If you are traveling with your children, there is no doubt they will enjoy the visit to the park. They will surely stand hours near the huge mammoths. Not only the kids, but adults also love to explore the amazing Prehistoric Valley. Besides the mammoths, there are also life-size sculpted dinosaurs in the valley. It is surely a fantastic experience.

The Prehistoric Valley,

The lagoon

There is a beautiful lagoon in the park which occupies a surface of about 4 km². The lagoon is of an outstanding natural beauty, including a seafood restaurant and the reproduction of a village. It is surely a fantastic experience to eat in the middle of a beautiful lagoon. The village is a Taíno village. Taíno people were inhabitants of the Bahamas. The village can be visited, just like the bungalows.

Reproduction of the Taino village,

The Great Rock

It is of volcanic origin and is one of the most visited attractions of the park. The 30 m high rock weights about 60.000 tons. There are more than 450 stone steps which take you up to the top of the rock. From here you can have astonishing views over the park.

The Great Rock,

The museum

The museum is very interesting, housing more than 2.500 replicas of small cars. It is named the Museum of History of Terrestrial Transport.

The botanical garden

The fantastic botanic garden occupies a surface of about 0.5 km². It is named the Jardin Ave de Paraiso in Spanish. The botanic garden was established in 1860 on the site of a former coffee plantation. The gardens of the botanic garden are beautiful and color-coded. It is a remarkable attraction of the Baconao Park.




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