The best active vacation at Sierra del Escambray

Guanayara Park, photo by jeanpierrelavoie/flickr

For many people a holiday doesn’t mean lying on a beach or relaxing and sleeping all day in a small hotel room. A lot of people choose to practice sports or different outdoor activities during their vacation. There are so many places in the world you should spend a memorable active holiday at. Cuba is one of them. It owns a spectacular natural heritage, including mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caves, rainforests and so on. If you choose this country as a destination for your next active holiday, you will surely be satisfied. Whether you choose a beach and practice watersports or go climbing or cycling in the mountains, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes and will surely want to see even more of Cuba.


Sierra del Escambray


The Sierra del Escambray raises very close to the cities of Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara. It is the perfect place for an active holiday. It is characterized by amazing natural beauty where you can hike, ride a horse, swim in natural ponds and climb waterfalls. Even going up to the Sierra through the road that goes from Trinidad is a unique experience. The mountain range is characterized by steep peaks, deep valleys, the abundance of vegetation, endemism of species of flora and fauna, beautiful cave systems, pure and transparent rivers, breathtaking waterfalls and crystal clear natural ponds. A visit to these mountains also provides knowledge about the rural life associated to coffee plantations and other agricultural activities. There are 8 recreational and adventure parks here where visitors are guided by specialized eco guides who present them the attractive natural, cultural and historical places. Visitors also have the occasion to taste the delicious specialized food of the region. The Sierra del Escambray offers gorgeous peaks and valleys, wide rivers and caves with high, moderate or low degree of difficulty that can be a challenge for any visitor.


Low difficulty: Guanayara and Codina


The Guanayara Park is an ideal place for adventurers, including the trail Centinelas del Rio Melodioso (Guards of Melodic River). The river, flora and fauna give birth to a fantastic landscape. If it is not enough, there is also an amazing waterfall named El Rocio (The Dew) Waterfall. It is the right place for hiking, swimming or waterfall climbing. The Codina Park offers an interpretative trail, the Encantos de Codina (Spells of Codina) which amazes every visitor. With caves, gardens of different varieties of orchids and bamboos, several species of flora and fauna create picturesque landscapes.


Guanayara Park, photo by jeanpierrelavoie/flickr


Moderate difficulty: Reserva de Javira and El Nicho


Reserva de Javira park is characterized by amazing beauty. The impressive natural forest is remarkable for its conservation level, being almost untouched by human. There are numerous species of birds living here, many of them endemic species. In addition, the park includes crystal clear streams which are perfect for a refreshing swim. El Nicho is the name of the wonderful waterfalls and ponds located in the mountain range. With endemic birds and flora, beautiful caves and natural pools, the area is very attractive and popular among the lovers of outdoor activities and sports.


El Nicho Waterfalls, photo by Nouhailler/flickr


High difficulty: Caburni and Vegas Grande


Caburni is a National Monument, also a distinctive symbol of Trinitarian Escambray. It is home to a huge number of endemic species of flora and fauna. The landscapes are characterized by gorgeous and unique rock formations. There are valleys of breathtaking beauty here, not to mention the impressive Caburni Waterfall. It is perfect for nature-lovers and active holiday makers. Vegas Grande is dominated by coffee plantations, beautiful natural forest and numerous species of fauna. A spectacular waterfall and a natural pond offer the visitor the occasion for refreshing baths.

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