Short guide to Soroa

Orchid from the Orchid Garden, photo by Airborne Pilot/Flickr

Also named “the rainbow of Cuba”, Soroa is a fantastic destination for tourists. It is situated only about 70 km of Havana, in the region of Pinar del Rio. This fantastic place was named after two brothers who arrived from Spain in order to become famous coffee producers.

Soroa has so many things to offer to its visitors, such as the Castillo las Nubes, the fantastic orchid garden, fantastic mountains and waterfalls. It is undoubtedly a gorgeous jewel of the country. As for the accommodation, there are fantastic hotels and villas in the area. Visiting Soroa is undoubtedly a good choice and makes an unforgettable holiday. If you are interested in making a holiday to Soroa, read on to find out more about this fantastic destination.

Castillo las Nubes

Also named the “Castle of Clouds”, the wonderful Castillo las Nubes is situated on Soroa’s highest hill. This fantastic building was constructed in 1867 under the order of a Spanish noble. The castle became a state property after the revolution. Later, in 1967, the castle became a restaurant. Today, visitors can enjoy delicious Cuban dishes in fantastic atmosphere. At the entrance of the restaurant you will find the original table which is about 170 years old, being made in 1842. It is considered a truly piece of art. The paintings on the walls of the castle are also original, making the atmosphere of the restaurant unique and original.

View from the Orchid Garden over Soroa, photo by Lauras512/Flickr

The Orchid Garden

There is a fantastic orchid garden in Soroa, being home to hundreds of varieties of spectacular orchids. There are about 20.000 orchids on a huge surface of about 35.000 m². Besides the fantastic orchids, there are numerous species of trees and ferns in the Orchid Garden. This garden is a unique biosphere reserve, being very famous and popular among visitors. Also named the “Orquideario de Soroa”, the garden was founded by Tomás Felipe Camacho. He imported the first flowers to the garden in 1948. If you love orchids or usually the flowers, I suggest you not to miss this spectacular attraction of Soroa. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Orchid from the Orchid Garden, photo by Airborne Pilot/Flickr

Flora and fauna

Soroa is home to some fascinating plants and animals. The region is famous for its magnificent palm trees and Semideciduous forests. There have been also identified around 20 species of palms and bamboo, about 100 species of wonderful ornamental trees and numerous species of edible plants. The fauna of the region is as colorful and diverse as its flora. The Cuban National bird, the Tocororo, as well as the Hummingbird or the Royal Wrasse can also be found at Soroa. This place is e birdwatcher paradise. There are numerous beautiful species of birds living in the forests of Soroa. Besides the previously mentioned plants and animals, there are gorgeous coffee plantations in the regions of which some can even be visited. Other natural attractions are beautiful waterfalls and caves.


Tocororo, photo by Dominic Sherony/Flickr



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